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J. Cole brings Offseason basketball to Toyota Center

Sunday was game day for Houston. While the Astros were away in Chicago to defend their series top spot against the White Sox, and the NRG Stadium was home to the New England Patriots, Grammy-winning artist J. Cole made sure the city filled with basketball at the Toyota Center as he stopped. From the Offseason tour.

In support of his sixth and sixth consecutive album No. 1, off seasonJ. Cole stopped at the home of the Houston Rockets to turn the arena into his own basketball court. As the Chicago Bulls championship theme echoed throughout the stadium, Cole was shown being escorted through the stadium’s underground tunnels. Artist awards and Billboard numbers appeared on screen as “Player Stats” as he made his way onto the stage.

Cole has always had a deep relationship with basketball, playing for his school teams at a young age but continuing his musical career as well. Starting with his first mixtape, The Come Up, Cole continued the basketball theme with his next releases warm upAnd Friday night lightsand his first studio album, Cool World: The Sideline Story. Cole also participated in several official and unofficial celebrity basketball matches as well as signing a three-match contract with the African Basketball League team, the Rwanda Patriots on May 10, 2021, just four days before the release of his latest album.

Wearing a red and yellow jersey with the word “DREAMER” on the front, Cole managed through a long list of nearly 30 tracks. Featuring a catalog of six studio albums, three mixtapes and a handful of EPs and collaborative albums, Cole used the night to give audiences a crash course in his music business. While browsing his collection of songs that range from deep sentimental tracks to upbeat love tunes, the artist took some time to explain himself and his vision for the tour and song selection. He explained that he appreciates the audience’s reception of popular songs but still wants to perform complex rap songs, not only for the audience but for himself.

“When I play that song (“Workout”), it always amazes me. Some people know every bar, every lyric, word for word, and the energy you give back is all amazing. I hope every artist gets that feeling one day, but at the same time remember To always be you and do whatever you want. If that’s your show, then you can play the songs you want to play.”

It seems Cole is still struggling with his quick shot to fame and the perception of being a true rapper/lyricist. Pressing to get the first single from his debut studio album, Cole composed “Workout,” a poppy hip-hop song that quickly topped the charts. But Cole was upset when Nas expressed his hatred for the single, which led to “Let Nas Down” on his next album. Born a sinner. Nas eventually explained it as a misunderstanding on his “Made Nas Proud” comeback track but the losses were on Cole. From that point on, most of the artist’s music and personal perception changed. He now has a more reserved and down-to-earth personality and creates more personal and thought-provoking music.

Throughout the night, Cole constantly told fans how grateful he was for the opportunity to be there. Even with a long list of songs to come by, the artist found time to bring in surprise guest and Dreamville alumnus Ari Lennox to sing a few of her tunes before directing the opening songs of 21 Savage and Morray to perform some collaborative songs, like Grammy Award winners “A Lot” and “my .life” which includes the three touring artists.