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William And Kate I got banned BBC Who broadcast the Christmas carols party as Tensions are still high About a controversial royal documentary. Instead, the charity fundraiser, hosted by the Duchess at Westminster Abbey, will be shown ITV. With Kate hosted, William is expected to watch proudly from the suites, while Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis can all attend.

The move comes after the BBC broadcast the first part of the two-part documentary “Princes and the Press” on Monday evening.

The documentary, hosted by the Foundation’s media editor Amol Rajan, featured interviews with prominent journalists including Andrew Marr and Ian Hislop, as well as Prince Harry And Meghan MarkleAdvocate Jenny Afia.

Monday’s episode included an indication that rivalries between royal families were at play, and that negative stories about Meghan had been leaked by courtiers.

BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell told the broadcaster’s website that there was “undoubtedly outrage” over the documentary, with William still “really sad” in a panorama interview with his mother, Princess Diana.

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“From time to time, this organization produces programs that may or may not correspond to different parts of the institution,” BBC president Richard Sharpe said at the Autumn Voice of Listener and Viewer Conference.

However, it has taken up the importance Royal family In the UK, saying it is “at the center of our identity”.

On ITV News at Ten Wednesday night, the BBC’s disaster was covered by royal editor Chris Ship.

Before handing the program over to Mr. Sheep, presenter Rajeh Omar said: “It could of course be just a coincidence.

Mr Ship wondered if the BBC had been punished for the controversial documentary.

In response to his question, he said, “Well put it this way. I was told today that Prince William is very protective of his staff and that is exactly the kind of thing he would do.”

William did not see the documentary on Monday night, as he was presenting the Tusk Environmental Awards at London’s Southbank.

However, a source told The Sun earlier this week that the documentary will have raised tensions, with the current row being only the beginning.

The source said, “It was arranged to be shown on BBC One but has been switched over the past few days due to the horrific controversy surrounding the documentary.

“And it is likely that things will get worse between the royal family and the BBC before they get better because the second part of the documentary threatens to move forward.”

The second part of the documentary, which will be shown on Monday evening, deals with the period between 2018 and 2021.

It will cover the privacy measures Harry and Meghan have launched against the British press, as well as delve into the feud between the two brothers.

The BBC is also launching a four-part podcast series, ‘Harry, Meghan and the Media’, with the first episode releasing on Monday.

The ongoing controversy comes after William Elbab criticized him for allowing Martin Bashir to deceptively organize an interview with Diana.

According to the Queen’s former press secretary, Charles Anson, the infamous interview sparked the start of awarding the majority of royal programming to NBC.

“The Panorama interview accelerated the desire within the palace to share the mission of broadcasting Christmas with ITV,” he told ITV. has reached out to Buckingham and Kensington Palace for comment.

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