ITV chief defends Love Island due to fan reaction and ratings

ITV President Kevin Lego insisted love island It’s not going anywhere after a number of issues with the latest series.

While the hype may be at an all-time high on the summer reality show after missing out on the 2020 season, Viewing numbers are still dropping early This year it fluctuated throughout.

This week’s finale managed to reach 2.8 million viewers ITV2 – 430,000 higher than the Winter 2020 finale.

Lego was in the hot seat during his appearance at the Edinburgh Television Festival, insisting love islandITV-related rollercoaster viewing numbers (via final date).


“This is the pattern you see when new programs come in and it’s a huge phenomenon,” he said. “In Catch Up, it’s the best performing series ever. Who would think you could come up with a program that runs every night at 9pm for eight weeks and keeps viewers, especially the younger viewers who are hard to find now?”

“So many years left in it. The challenge for the producers is to make some subtle changes to spice it up a bit and keep it as fresh as possible.”

Another sticking point for many viewers was the lack of drama this time around – and when there were tense scenes, many complained that they were uncomfortable watching.

Love Island Finale, Chloe, Toby

Kevin Lego

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she was there Record number of complaints to broadcast regulator Ofcom Earlier this year due to a sharp dispute between spouses Faye Winter and Teddy Soares.

Dealing with complaints, Lego said, “The thing about complaints these days is that there’s a new show being complained about every week. Ashley V british talent He was the most complained, then went on to win a BAFTA award, and then Pierce took off [Good Morning Britain], now it is Love Island. It’s really easy to complain these days.

“You have to take them at face value. What are they complaining about and do they have a point of view? Have we crossed the line? It’s very easy to take one episode and think it’s too much, when it’s a long-term thing we have to worry about.”

The ITV executive added that his team remains dedicated to ensuring protection and support protocols are in place for love island Contestants throughout the show and beyond.

love island It aired on ITV2, and is available via catch-up on the ITV Hub, with episodes available the next morning for BritBox subscribers.

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