It’s Ethan Lim’s Khmer pub food vs your wolf hunger in Monday Night Foodpool

Earlier this summer I sat at one of the most exclusive tables in town. No, not Alina. Never. And it wasn’t the bed, (rip).

It was an eight-course blast in HermosaEthan Lim’s little sandwich shop by day, where the six-seater “Family Meal” prize is set at night. Lim’s constant nocturnal pop-up–during which he buries his guests in exorbitant abundance–is the conceptual antithesis of his daytime commitment to always asking Will a sandwich? While you can still get the now-legendary Cambodian fried chicken sandwich by day, after dark it’s likely to be treated full of crunchy herbs, spices, fowl, and loosened, and served with a pickled papaya salad and Thai eggplant. This is just the middle path. By the time the dishes are stacked Rat tail noodles, black pepper ribeye lok lak, and Khmer-style porchetta hit the table, you desperately need to find just a corner of your digestive real estate so you can enjoy the sugar-coated and fried bananas that make the evening close to bacchanalian.

Lim’s family meals are all booked up until next summer, but in a few days a banana and eggplant, an OG CFC sandwich and a new Khmer-inspired menu will be bringing to Kedzie Inn. It is the seventh week of Monday night food ball, The the reader Weekly Chef Popup.

Pickled Thai Eggplant, $10

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