Islander Kiefer Bellows has contracted COVID-19; Brock Nelson injured

Islanders are not out of the jungles of COVID-19 yet. Or, for that matter, wood infestation.

Kieffer Bellows join the six who have already tested positive for the virus, adding another blow to the Isles lineup, but the team has had some good news to go with it. Anthony Bouvier’s test that kept him out of Saturday’s game was a false positive.

Any positives were erased from Beauvillier’s return to the squad in the second period on Sunday, when Brock Nelson did not return to the bench. missed the rest 3-0 loss to the Maple Leafs With what coach Barry Trotz described as a lower body injury.

Josh Bailey, Anders Lee, Ross Johnston, Adam Bellick, Andy Green All in the protocol, the latter two go after the test results on Saturday. Ryan Bullock is also out for four to six weeks due to an injury. So Bellows’ positive test and Nelson’s injury put him eight out of the game, with six requiring consecutive negative tests to return.

Nelson leads the Islanders in goals with nine.

“I’ve been asked a few times in private, in all the years I’ve worked in this field, have you experienced this before? It’s without thinking, no,” General Manager Lou Lamorillo said before the match. “And what you do is just make sure you stay calm during it.” Consider all the options you may have and only deal with the things you control.

“The NHL controls whether the game is played or not, so we don’t get involved…they have a record of how many players we have so I’m sure they will make the right decision regarding the game.” [being] played or not played. “

Since Beauvillier’s return, the team hasn’t needed to make any calls from Bridgeport. It was believed earlier in the day that Anatoly Golyshev, who was pulled from the AHL squad, could play for the islanders on Sunday night, but a false positive result made that unnecessary.

Kiefer Bells
Kiefer Bells
NHLI via Getty Images

The islanders finally broke a dry spell on Saturday’s power play, with Nelson getting on the board for the first time in November in a five-for-four. But that success had as much to do with Calgary’s six attempts to the islanders as anything, and the team’s failure to convert three strong play attempts against Toronto.

The Maple Leafs also scored a reduced goal – the third the islands have allowed this season. On the bright side, the penalty kick was practical, denying Toronto clean-zone entry in each of their three attempts for the man’s advantage.

But when the carrots started playing themselves, they couldn’t get any.

“A lot of the time it’s done with effort,” Trotz said. “And if one of those two fails, you will get poor results. … Tonight we weren’t born much, we didn’t carry out the execution.”

Josh Bailey is still in Florida, having tested positive when the team was on the road there last week.


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