Is SMS marketing over? New research says not yet

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Is SMS marketing over? New research says not yet

Whenever I share a screenshot of a friend’s funny text on social media, someone always points out a large number of unread text messages I have.

“Why do you have so much well-read text? And, who are you ignoring?” , My friends often ask.

The truth is that most of the texts I ignore are not from the original people. These are usually instant marketing messages that I once signed up to receive a receipt for and forgot about.

Whether you’ve signed up for a mobile service, pharmacy alerts, furniture store promos, or any other listing, you may have found some text that you either deleted, opted out, or explicitly ignored. Is.

With experiences like this in mind, you may think that SMS marketing is no longer effective. But, in 2021, as people are more connected to their phones than ever before, we may be wrong about the power of text message promotions.

As it turns out, a recent study of plain texting suggests that text message marketing can still be alive and well.

The study, which surveyed 1,300 consumers and marketers, revealed that more than 76 percent of brands plan to invest in text message marketing next year, compared with 62 percent at least last year. Subscribed to receive text from a brand. .

Below, we will consider study research, explain why some marketers still want to consider SMS strategies, and note some of the paths to an effective campaign.

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Why SMS can come back strong

While members of our blogging team once said that because of all the other messaging tactics in the world right now, SMS needs to be “removed from its hassle”, but none brought by COVID-19 Couldn’t predict changing landscape. During this epidemic, which caused most people to be trapped in their homes, more people were attracted to their phones and electronics than ever before, while 76% of users reported an increase in screentime.

When it comes to texting, 61% of users have either increased or significantly increased their daily time spent on their text apps.

A chart shows that most users increased screening during the Cove 19 epidemic in 2020.

Image source

The benefits of SMS marketing in 2021

According to Simple Texting, 62% of users have selected texts from at least one business, while 43% of users have subscribed to one to three brands in particular.

When it comes to the effectiveness of text messaging, consumers respond to marketing texts that require a much faster response than email. Although most people respond to emails within half an hour to an hour, 72% of users respond to texts within 10 minutes.

In addition to instant response rates, text messages can be very engaging. Forty-three of the surveyed business owners and digital marketers who use an SMS marketing report with a chloride three rate of between 20 and 35%.

An interesting part of the simple texting survey reveals that 5221 brands reported an increase in opt-in rate between 2021. However, in the same year, there was a decrease of about 10% in opt-in.

Although increasing opt-in screens and text messages increase with time, the increase in opt-outs indicates that users can be as quick to subscribe to text message content as they are to subscribe to it.

Simple texting studies and other research points out why people can opt out.

  • Too many text messages of a brand: Simple Simple Percent Texting respondents say they have subscribed to SMS alerts from brands that send them frequently. In addition, 56% of these consumers prefer to receive only one text from a brand each week.
  • Lots of text from multiple brands: If you reduce your text cadence to less than two, keep in mind that your customers may also be exposed to a lot of text from other brands. While your writing may still be meaningful, you may find yourself more sensitive to opt-outs because buyers are tired of all the text warnings.
  • Meaningless content: Like email marketing, you’ll need to engage your readers with signed-in content to get them engaged. Sending more promotional content, boring content, or content they don’t sign up for can cause you to see subscribers.

A chart shows that most people subscribe to text message alerts because they receive them frequently.

Image source

Tips for launching a great SMS strategy

Although SMS is definitely not dead, it can be difficult to get across text message or conversion marketing platforms. As you consider or develop a text-based strategy, keep these tips in mind.

  • Know your personality: While people can quickly sign up to receive your messages, they won’t need much to opt out. Make sure you know exactly what your audience members are looking for and how often they want to receive this content to avoid sending meaningless text that has been ignored.
  • Tell users what they’ve signed up for: Remember, subscribers are trusting you with their contact information, and if you are not transparent about what you are sending or how often you are sending them text, they can opt in quickly. Make sure you live up to what you expect.
  • Remember, less is more: No one wants their phone to be blown away by tons of pointless advertising. Before running an SMS campaign, ask yourself questions like, “Do I communicate with people too often?” And “Will they engage with this content as well?” If you fear that the content will become ineffective, consider generalizing your SMS schedule and sending only the most important text content.

For more information on message-based marketing and SMS strategies, see Resources below.

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