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Is Michael Myers Halloween inspired by a real person?

fans Halloween The movie franchise may wonder if serial killer Michael Myers is based on a true story. Well, as if the fictional character wasn’t scary enough, we’ve got even more scary details for you.

Myers has become one of the most notorious masked killers in horror history, sharing the spotlight with villains like Ghostface in Scream, who was inspired by the realistic serial killer “Gainesville Ripper” and Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which was supposed to be based on “The Butcher of Plainfield”.

But is Mike Myers The Babysitter real?

according to Respected, the original director and writer of the 1978 film John Carpenter (who also co-wrote the 1981 Halloween II along with his frequent collaborator Debra Hill) describes a frightening encounter he had while attending Western Kentucky University as the inspiration for the fictional killer.

“I had a class – psychology or something – and we visited a mental institution,” he says in the 2003 documentary Divimax DVD. cut above the rest. We visited the most seriously mentally ill. And there was this kid, he must have been 12 or 13 years old and literally had that look.”

“That blank, pale, emotionless face. Black eyes. Devil’s eyes.”

When film producer Erwin Yabalance approached Carpenter with the idea of ​​creating a horror movie on Halloween night “about babysitters who are pursued by this psychotic killer,” he thought of the boy he saw in the establishment with a “real evil look.”

“It was unsettling to me, it was like the most frightening thing I had ever seen in my life as an outsider. It was absolutely insane.”

Once Carpenter and Yaplans moved to the drawing board to develop the character, they had some ideas on how to make him immortal.

“Make it human, yes, but almost as a force…that will never stop. It’s undeniable,” says Carpenter. cut above the rest.

David Gordon Green, director of the 2018 film, told Los Angeles Times That “Michael Myers has not evolved as a character in any way, shape, or form.” [since 1978]; It is the essence of evil.”

He doesn’t have a personality. He doesn’t have a personality. He doesn’t have interests. He didn’t have. He’s someone who steps forward and interacts with the world around him, but not with any kind of conscious purpose. And how the world around him interacts with his behavior is where our story comes into play.”

Oh, and also, for some reason, our readers want to know how tall Mike Myers is. Well, it all depends on who shoots him, but in his shortest time, he’s 5-10 (Nick Castle) and taller around 6-9 (Tyler Money).

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