Is it safe to plug in your Mac and keep it on forever?

Charging and power habits are key to keeping your Mac in good condition, but the question of whether some methods are “safe” – such as unplugging the MacBook all the time – can be complicated.

Many Mac owners abandon their computers all the time, for example. In addition, a good percentage of MacBook users continue to use their devices in “desktop” mode.

In general, both methods are safe. However, when it comes to dropping the MacBook plugin all the time, the answer is a bit more complicated. This is what you need to know.

Is it okay to leave my Mac all the time?

In short, yes. Does not matter. However, you may notice that performance decreases slightly over time.

It is usually a good idea to restart your Mac at any time. Some programs – especially those that are rarely written – can have memory leaks that can lead to performance issues over time. When your Mac does not reboot, single bit errors can enter the RAM. A large portion of these single-bit errors are affected by ionizing radiation from cosmic sources, and they accumulate over time.

A quick reboot will usually reduce these acknowledged minor issues.

Is it OK to leave my MacBook constantly in the plugin?

It’s okay to leave your Mac laptop plugged in all the time – with a few caveats.

Batteries are usable components that grow chemically over time. Factors such as the charge cycle and heat can damage the battery, and placing the Mac in the plug and charging 100 continuously can result in reduced charging capacity or long-lasting swelling of the battery.

In general, it is a good idea to keep your battery at 100% for a long time. This is especially true if you run your Mac graphically – or CPU – deep apps.

This feature will help you learn your habits and stop charging when not needed. This will be known when you plug in your MacBook and set the charge cycle to 80 at unless you need to charge it up to 100 charged.

There is no way to directly control the feature beyond the on and off switch. And that can be ridiculous. It’s a good idea to check and see if it’s really learning your charging habits and preventing the charge from passing 80%.

In other words, you don’t want your MacBook to stay 100% longer, but Apple’s battery feature can help. If it’s not working properly or you have a MacOS version that doesn’t have it, try charging your battery at least once a month.

Apple also recommends updating the latest software, disconnecting peripherals when not in use, and improving energy saver settings to maximize battery performance.


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