IOS App Development Trends 2021

The year 2020 has been challenging for every business and industry sector. In 2021, we have gradually learned to cope with epidemics while focusing on the post-epidemic period. Thankfully, technology is with us during this time of trial. Speaking of mobile platforms, it has never before had such a traction between social distance and lockdown situations around the world. As a result, both Android and iOS app development have seen a rapid increase in domains.

One of the main reasons behind this growth is that both OSes are constantly improving over this period. Let’s take a look at the top iOS app development trends we can expect in a post in 2021 and beyond. You can hire iOS app developers to learn more about these trends and their successful integration into the custom business app.

Every year, Apple fanboys look forward to amazing inventions and improvements, and the Capertino company never disappoints them. Here are the top trends in iOS app development that are poised to dominate in the years to come.

1. AI with Siri.
Siri is advancing further with artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Apple has already released Siri Kit for iOS app developers to create iOS and WatchOS apps that work seamlessly with Siri using voice. This feature is useful for app users to access hands-free operations and lock screen. A new shortcut app section displays apps connected to Siri in the iPhone.

2. CoreML
Designed primarily to take advantage of the benefits of machine learning (ML), the Core Machine Learning (CoreML) framework will find a place in the community of iOS app developers. Apps built on CoreML are faster and faster than other typical iOS applications. When you hire iOS app developers, they can easily integrate Siri, iPhone Camera and QuickType using CoreML.

3. Home kit.
According to BI Intelligence Research, there are expected to be more than 24 billion connected devices by 2021. This prediction indicates the growing importance of IoT. Apple has launched Home Kit to make the most of iOS in iOS app development. You can hire iOS app developers to create apps that run on IoT. In other words, IoT devices can share information with mobile devices or iPhones using the app. Users can set up their home from remote locations with the help of Siri and Home Kit.

4. ARKit
The AR Cat has advanced features to make the most of AR technology. This is the latest version of ARKit 2 with many improvements including face tracking and enhancement of the texture of the environment. It is also possible to detect 3D objects in a scene with the help of AR technology and AR Kit. iOS app development companies can use ARKit to create highly interactive and engaging AR-based games.

5. Security
Data security is a big issue for any mobile app. It is possible for hackers to steal confidential user data, including financial details of apps. Therefore, it is important for mobile app development companies to follow standard methods. Apple has created App Transport Security for every new iOS app to keep the app safe.

6. Swift

All iOS app developers only like Apple’s Swift. It is one of the programming languages ​​for developing advanced apps. Newer versions such as the Swift 5 and the upcoming Swift 6 can certainly be considered one of the popular development trends. As an easy-to-learn and flexible language, Swift 5 could bring more benefits and opportunities for iOS app developers in the future.

7. Cloud Kit
Cloud computing is fast becoming mainstream in modern businesses. When it comes to iOS app development, CloudKit can therefore be one of the most promising trends. With more than 1PB of free storage, iOS app developers can save their entire app data in iCloud with real-time sync capability. Improving Apple’s cloud service also benefits developers and businesses.

8. iOS 15.
Every year, Apple brings a new iOS version and some new iPhones. Businesses need to upgrade their existing apps to the latest version to ensure maximum performance. This year iOS 15 has been released with improvements and advanced features. It’s best to hire iOS app developers to move your existing iOS 14 compatible app to iOS 15 to provide the best experience for your users.

9. Apple Pay.
Apple Pay is all set to replace the physical wallet. It works with Apple devices worldwide. In the years to come, this digital wallet will be more modern and secure. The plus point of Apple Pay is that it eliminates the need to store card details, thus providing maximum protection to consumers.

10. Privacy updates.
With each new iOS version, Apple brings new privacy updates to make Apple devices and iOS apps more secure than ever. We can see this in the development trend as these updates need to be integrated into custom iOS apps. For example, iOS 14 privacy updates have changed changes to store level control and app install attribution.

Here we have seen the top trends that could affect the development of iOS apps in the near future. However, time will tell how these big trends and other concepts will affect the iOS app development process.

The iOS app development domain is full of activity. All of these trends are set to reshape the entire development process in 2021 and beyond. All you need to do is hire iOS app developers to get a modern and user friendly app with these trends. In this competitive business scenario, an attractive and forward-looking iOS app can make all the difference by giving you an edge over peers.


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