iOS 15 is here, but there are still some features that Apple didn’t give us.

We’ve seen tons of Apple software updates at WWDC 2021, but some features haven’t come out yet.

Everything Apple Pro.

That’s part of the story. WWDC 2021. All the latest coverage of Apple’s annual Developers Conference.

The latest version of Apple’s operating system, IOS 15, IPad 15 And Watch OS 8, Have arrived and are. Available for download.. Operating systems unveiled at Apple. WWDC event. As well as earlier this year Mac OS Monterey, which one There is no official release date Yet. While these updates include some of the more anticipated new features جیسے such as capability. Android users will join FaceTime Calls., Improved privacy options. And dual screen controls. Working on Macs and iPads – Some notable rumors didn’t work.

Here are some features of the software that we thought might appear, but didn’t.

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We’ve got these amazing features in the iOS 15 beta.


Extended display support for iPad with monitor.


Although Universal Control will let you work on your Mac and iPad, we were expecting more iPad external display support.

Apple / screenshot via CNET.

While Apple introduced “Global control“Allows you to change your Mac keyboard and trackpad or mouse along the way. Control your iPad., It’s not like extending your iPad to your desktop or any other connected display, which would be a more impressive productive step. But perhaps it indicates that a major shift in that direction could be on the horizon.

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MacOS Monterey: Everything We Know


Improved battery life or low power inventions for the Apple Watch.

Although Watch OS 8 adds a bunch of new ones. Health features and app updates., Still missing battery life or no improvement in low power mode – Something that needs to be worn., Especially if you wear it overnight to track your sleep.

The M1 iPad features new iPadOS for the profession.

Apple’s M1-powered iPad Pro. Dramatically improved tablet performance and battery life. But the iPad still runs the same OS – and largely the same apps – like every other iPad. We thought we could see some exciting new upgrades to the iPad OS 15, taking advantage of the M1 chip in the iPad Pro, but it wasn’t.

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IPad OS 15: How It Changes The iPad And What It Still Is …


Carkey updates.

At WWDC last year, Apple was unveiled. کارکی۔, The ability to add virtual car keys to your Apple Wallet that allow you to unlock and unlock your car using just your iPhone’s NFC chip. While increasing the capacity of iOS 15. Save your driver’s license and ID card. In your Apple Wallet, there was no mention of Carkey Updates.

Game-changing facetime features that allow it to compete with the zoom.

Screenshot -2021-06-07-at-1-11-46-pm-2.png

During a facetime video call, you can now play a song or video, and everyone on the call can listen or watch it together.


iOS 15 includes some. Important updates for Apple’s FaceTime. Video chat service, incl. Local audio, A grid view, portrait mode, and the ability to schedule and invite advance calls. Android and Windows devices to join facetime calls. From their browser. A new feature is called. Share play. FaceTime also allows you to watch shows and listen to music with others. While these are great upgrades, they come more than a year later when they prove to be the most useful during epidemics, and fail to include anything that could change the game-timer for the industry. Will make a real competitor. ZoomLike, better cross-platform options (and, of course, background).

More tapback options in iMessage.

While iMessage got several upgrades in iOS 15, including. Improved sharing featuresWe haven’t seen any new tapeback options, leaving us with the same message response we already have (heart, thumb up, thumb down, ha ha, exclamation point or question mark).

IPhone widget improved.


Apple added iPhone widgets to iOS 14 last year.

Scar Gutters / CNET

Although iPhone widgets eventually made their way to the iPad as well as IPOS 15, iOS 15 didn’t get any new widget options, such as more customization and interactivity.

More exercises in the breath app.

Popular Breathing app. Updating, with a new animation to keep you focused and a “reflection” mode that keeps you thinking about something special and improving your mind. But it will not include various breathing exercises.

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