Something is happening with the internet today, and it’s not your connection. Dozens of sites on the web are currently offline or experiencing issues, including Steam, Amazon, HBO Max, and more.

A quick look at the front page of the index indicates that many popular web sites are not loading properly. The closure covers a wide range of content, from shipping companies like FedEx and UPS to media platforms such as the PlayStation Network.

This seems to be a problem with DNS, as many sites send general messages about DNS failures. Akamai has reported an epidemic on its status site, which could be a source of concern today.

Fortunately, whatever is causing this corruption will be dealt with as soon as possible. But if you are having trouble logging into Warfare or Banning سوپرانو On HBO Max, just know that this is not your personal contact.

Returning online

Most affected sites are slowly returning online, including Steam, HBO Max, Home Depot and more. Some sites, including FedEx, seem to be loading slowly or issuing unrelated errors, but for the most part, the web is quickly returning to normal.