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Internet outrage at open casket funeral photoshoot in Miami influencer Jane Rivera

The five stages of grief are denial, isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Looks like they might need to add a sixth: engagement.

On Monday, Miami TikToker and Instagram influencer Jayne Rivera posted a series of photos on Instagram, in which she appears to be smiling and posing in a black dress and stockings in front of her father’s open casket, covered in an American flag. She notes on her website She lives in Miami.

One photo shows her putting her hands together in prayer. In the other, she appears to be smiling at the camera.

“Butterfly flies away,” read the post, which garnered nearly 12,000 likes before her account went offline. “Rip Papi I was my best friend. I had a good life. #journey #papi #veteran #ptsd #funeral #neverforgotten.”

It also posted the white dove and the American flag emoji.

Rivera, who has 307,300 followers on TikTok, described herself as a model on Instagram and has the OnlyFans account.

Last week, she posted to her nearly 84,800 followers on Instagram stating that her father had passed away, according to New York Post.

But Rivera’s recent shoot was met with a swift backlash from all over the internet, with some calling her “despicable” and “sick.”

Her account has since been deleted.

One wrote, “Funeral photoshoot? Yes.”

Another commented: “The shit is just vile, really disgusting.”

the new era He could not reach Rivera for comment.


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