Interactive blog posts by Bartosz Ciechanowski

The other day I saw Bartoz Sichanovsky’s “Cruises and Surfaces” spinning and it was like, OhThis is the same guy who posted the amazingly interactive blog on the internal combustion engine the other day. I think that because of this blog post I now know a lot about how the engine works. Then I thought I’d take a look at the other posts on Bartoz’s blog and, look, a dozen or more – and that’s all. Super Good. Such as one on gears, color space, earth and sun, and mesh change.

If I were the person who hired people to design an interactive science museum, I would do my best to hire Bartoz to design one. I’m glad, though, that the web is a product of choice as far as web access is concerned.

I wonder what the significance of Patriot membership level numbers is? 3, 7, 19, 37, 71. Only random prime numbers? I threw in a few bucks. I will extend my commitment if some money can lead to a better access situation. I think sliders are largely unnoticed. <div> Circumstances are such that I think something can be done better.

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