Instagram moles iPhone widget for easy account switching

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Instagram moles iPhone widget for easy account switching

Instagram is going to be very easy to switch between multiple accounts on the iPhone.

Many people with a popular social media service run out of two or more accounts, perhaps focusing on personal and business matters, or personal interests.

Now, according to Alessandro Plozzi, an insider from Silicon Valley, the Facebook-owned company is working on a widget for the home screen that will allow you to quickly select a specific Instagram account before you open the app.

Plozzi said this weekHate a large number of pictures Showing you several different versions of the widget, with enough space to move between four Instagram accounts with a single tap.

Alessandro Plozzi

Currently, switching between accounts is to go to your profile by tapping the profile at the bottom right of the display, then tapping your username at the top of the display, and finally selecting the account you have access to. Want to get On recent iPhones, it is also possible to long press the profile button to display your various accounts.

Although the current method of switching between accounts is not very labor intensive, the widget-based method you have can be quite smooth and efficient. Additionally, before you can open the Instagram app and then choose another account, jump into your desired account.

It should be noted that at present this feature is visible in the construction phase, which means that it may never see the light. However, there is a good chance that it will advance to the public testing phase, and if it does, it could become a permanent feature of Instagram for the iPhone. We will keep posting to you.

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