Instagram for Interior Design Brands: Social Media Marketing

Instagram is one of the most popular places to sell different things. There you can find clothes, shoes, artwork, manufacturing B2B items and of course brands that sell items for your home. But, Instagram for interior design brands? You’re weather.

Instagram’s feed hardware allows interior design brands to grow and grow faster and more effectively because here you sell the concept and products are expensive or cheap.

Ideas that you put into the minds of users are what motivate them to look at and buy the product. The competition on Instagram, however, is intensifying, so that brands, especially small ones, have to develop a working strategy for field promotion. Here you will find some proven methods and tips for your methods, so you will be able to resist many other brands at the same time.

Show idea: Interior design is what people use to make their living space lively and stylish. In fact, many of them have the idea of ​​a perfect interior that is already created in their mind. And will look for things that satisfy their vision.

So in order to attract and maintain users and views on Instagram, you should use it as a showcase. Your products should match certain style choices and Instagram is a place where you share them. So, the basic advice here is: shoot your production in settings. It can happen on different scales, but the key is that you make your stuff a central image in the image and the background matches the hypothetical design that suits you best.

– Collect accessories that accentuate your products
Invest in the background for the Instagram grid
– Always send the idea that shows your product in context

The main marketing methods on social media for interior design brands

Photo, Prateek Katyal.

Use the right hashtags

In modern marketing methods for Instagram, hashtags still play an important role. Some time ago, the platform offered the possibility to subscribe to hashtags and collect views for posts in this way. For interior design brands, there is a unique opportunity to make more sales because it increases the likelihood of being noticed and recognized around the platform. However, for that to work, you need to insert the correct hashtags.

Here are some versatile rules that can help you do the right thing:

– Mix evergreen and seasonal labels (of course depending on the season)
– Use prominent keywords that are relevant to your audience as hashtags
– Look through your competitors
– Aim for top posts; provide high quality participation in a nutshell
– Create a tag
– Increase hashtags by adding a few in the comments section.

Instagram for interior design brands

Photo, Joshua Rodriguez.

Be helpful to your potential customers

This issue is about the diversity of your content. To increase interest in your products, you need to dilute the feed with something other than that; this is how it works in general on social media. In addition, having different topics to consider increases your level of participation with probabilities and opinions and thus provides a better rate on the platform.

This technology is also a snap by selling the idea, as it allows you to show your product in context too.

– Search for new feeds and discover it with your audience
– Show some design tips that include your product
– Share the look that inspires you and your followers. If possible, create such a look yourself
– Publish information about your production; users love to create videos and pictures. (Simply open a device like an online video editor and use custom video creators to create content that promotes your interior design brand.)


Photo, Corryne Wooten.

Shoot them down with color

Instagram for interior design labels fits like a glove. That’s because this social network is incredibly visual. How your posts are organized in the format and how they appear in user feeds is important because it shapes the recognition of your brand. And the device that hits users the most is color.

People rely a lot on their vision and a fixed color combination calls for an organization that lasts a long time in the mind. Developing a specific color scheme is not always about the actual colors of the product. It’s the ultimate brand, so when you’re working on a color scheme for your IG account, think of things like:

– What mood does your product give?
– Where is it used; outside or inside?
– How can you show your concept in color?
– Which organization do you want to raise?

These are the key questions that will help you develop your brand color to gather more opinions. There are thousands of other details to consider and they are all tied to your product. For example, insanely modern pockets will require bright and juicy tones and boho macrame hangings are asking for mild natural tones with an emphasis on green.

Invest in photography

Photo, James Bold.

Invest in photography

Not only should you hire a professional photographer to cover promotional material, but you should absolutely learn to provide compelling content yourself. This aspect is very important because no one will understand the best angle to show the product, then its creator. If you are not sure about your talents, it is totally worthwhile to visit workshops or workshops dedicated to mobile and leveling.

Also, when you are creating the content yourself, it is easier for you to connect with the audience, get more views as you are a deeper participant. This fact is very useful in your fight for success with Instagram for interior design brands, because people love personal branding. Nevertheless, collaboration with professional photographers is necessary, at least sometimes, in terms of your feed to get a professional look and learn to maintain the concept and develop aesthetics.

Encourage user-generated content

Photo, Melyna Valle.

Encourage user-generated content

The Instagram people rely heavily on community acceptance. And here comes the ultimate truth in three things:

1 – The content you create yourself is what attracts people to your profile
2-And the content that users create is what gets them to stay and consider your product for purchase
3 – You should organize Instagram posts

Basically, for any brand, the main source of users would be generated feedback from customers. The simplest and most effective way to gain social support is to encourage your customers to share stories with their purchases. This format is accessible, easy to collect and incredibly personal. And that’s just what people need; they want to see real time personal experience before they decide to buy from you.

Having many examples of your relationship with buyers is enhancing the image of your business too, it is proof that you are a reliable interior designer.

Creating and publishing the perfect Instagram post can be time consuming, especially if you are creating your posts one by one on the day you plan to share them. To organize Instagram posts quickly, you need to choose one of the tools, like Planable Offers, for example. Organizing and posting to Instagram will be easier with just a few clicks from your desktop or mobile device.

The map that leads to you

Photo, Tobias.

The map that leads to you

Instagram offers placemarks as an additional tool for accurate marketing. Whether you have a store or not, mark your posts in the right place so your potential customers can find you. If you have a real store, your customers can contact you without further ado.

If not, you’ll still make your posts visible to the right audience, who have a better chance of viewing them and returning them to your buyers. For small local businesses, this is a way of filtering out queries they can’t answer yet, such as international shipments or language barriers.

Instagram for interior design brands


Create a Photobooth (eligible for physical store brands)

This tip is very definite, but it can really boost your growth on social media too. For marketing today, it’s a big bonus if you have enough space to set up the smallest selfie point. Selfies of various kinds are what drive the whole industry.

Younger generations find this very enjoyable and for them it means that your brand catches the same wave. Promoting selfies from your customers is basically producing more UGC, so it will bring you growth and you will get more engagement like IG views.

– Make your product the main accent for a photo
Enter your brand, personal hashtag and nickname from IG physically; that way, other viewers will be able to find you even if your customers forget to tag you
– Put a lot of effort into decorating the area and find a unique idea to attract customers


The interior design industry can use a lot of the Instagram profile:

– Great description of the concept
– Ability to share brand history and values
– Many ways to connect with the audience
– Collection and demonstration of the actual feedback you receive
– Show the product in context.

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