Instagram ‘Favorites’ will allow users to give preference to accounts in their feeds.

Instagram is working on a ‘Favorites’ feature for its iOS app, which will allow users to give preference to accounts that will display more feeds, making them more likely to view.

Existing Instagram users have to rely on Facebook’s algorithm to determine which images are viewed first. Although the algorithm depends on many factors, including how popular a post is in general and how often a user interacts with a particular account, it can potentially deprive users of the content contained in those accounts. Which they seldom check.

In a test of the app, mobile developer Alessandro Plozzi. Posted About a “favorites” feature to Twitter, which will allow users to display specific accounts as their favorites. Any account set as favorites will appear more in the feed, regardless of their popularity or other signals used by the algorithm.

While users are creating a list, only they will be able to see who is on it, as this is an account-related list that is not shared with others. A screenshot also indicates that people who are on the user’s favorites list or have been removed will not be notified of their presence or removal.

It is not clear when Instagram will introduce this feature, although it is not always possible.

Instagram is in the midst of major changes, as it emerges from a photo-sharing site on a social platform that is close to ticking. It has also requested the user’s date of birth in preparation for the introduction of further child protection measures.

Due to security concerns, Facebook’s plan to make a pre-ten version of Instagram has also been criticized.


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