InstaCart hired a senior Facebook executive as its new chief.

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InstaCart hired a senior Facebook executive as its new chief.

On Thursday, the leader of Facebook’s popular app, Fidji Simo, said she was leaving the social network to become chief executive of InstaCart, an on-demand career startup preparing to become a public company. Is.

Ms. Simo, 35, will replace Apoorva Mehta, 34, founder and chief executive of InstaCart. Mr. Mehta will be the Executive Chairman of InstaCart.

“I look forward to working with the talented teams at InstaCart as well as our retail partners,” Ms. Simo said in a statement.

Mr Mehta said in a statement that he would continue to be involved in InstaCart’s business and would “forge a long-term and strategic partnership with Fudge that will shape InstaCart and our industry in the years to come.”

Ms. Simo, who is French, spent a decade on Facebook, where she worked from product marketing role to leading her “big blue app.” Prior to that, Ms. Simo worked as a strategist at eBay. A graduate of the HEC School of Management in Paris, she joined InstaCart’s board of directors earlier this year.

For InstaCart, Ms. Simo’s appointment points to another possible step towards becoming a state-owned company.

InstaCart makes money by purchasing grocery services related to its demand and the fees associated with it. But he wants to grow his advertising business with brands that want to promote their grocery to consumers on the platform. Ms. Simo worked on Facebook’s advertising business and helped develop parts of the company’s mobile ads.

Facebook spokesman Tom Williams said: “We are grateful for Fidji’s incredible leadership over the past decade and wish him well in his future endeavors.

Tom Allison, Facebook’s product and engineering executive, will take over the day-to-day operations of the Facebook app by the end of July. CNBC had earlier reported Ms. Simo’s departure from Facebook.

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