Inspiring people love Tom Ward, a ‘sales guy’ became a YouTube interviewer.

  • The impressive roster of Tom Ward’s interviews has turned it into an impressive whisper.
  • During the day, “Normal Sales Man”, Ward talked to Insider about his unique way of interviewing celebrities.
  • Taking the creators seriously as a business, Ward said they have been accepted into their ranks.

With the exception of paparazzi ambushes and occasional red carpet interviews, it can be difficult to save more than a few minutes with the influence of A-List like Emma Chamberlain or Bryce Hall – unless you are Tom Ward, in this case, The influencer is probably trying to talk to you.

Ward does not host a primetime news show anchor or a national radio slot. It has its own YouTube channel, The Tom Ward Show, where Ward has hours of interviews with leading creators such as David Dobrick, Edison Roy, Logan Paul, Valkera, and Bella Thorne.

In early November 2021, Ward told Insider that he had been approached for a public YouTube interview for a TikTok star with over 10 million followers. That same week, “Catfish” hosts sat down to talk with New Shelman Ward. And interviewing is not a full-time ward job.

“The whole thing is weird,” Ward said. The kid was asking me to interview him on TikTok, and he said, “I’ve been watching your interviews since I was in grade school.”

Ward’s unique position in the realm of celebrity influence – as well as his way of getting there – shows how the difference in impressive coverage from mainstream news outlets in the 2010s has been felt by outsiders. Gave the sector the opportunity to take the sector seriously so that it can now enter the $ 14 billion industry. .

Ward took advantage of Forbes’ freelance writing forums

During the day, Ward still works in sales, as account manager for industrial equipment company Illinois Toolworks. But in 2015, determined to take his career in a new direction, Ward started blogging on his personal website. He wrote about marketing, business and success – his first post going viral was a list of life lessons from famous music producer Rick Rubin. Actress and businessman Jessica Alba shared Ward’s post on LinkedIn.

Ward later said he joined a Forbes editor who hired him as a freelance contributor to the website. Ward told Insider he had no other writing experience at the time, but took the opportunity.

“I was like, ‘Can I do this?’ But then I thought, ‘Anyone can write an essay of 800 words with bullet points,’ “he said. “It all came from Forbes, because it allowed me to go into the room with someone.”

By early 2017, Ward had started blogging.

Influencing marketing

Forbes, though, did not follow YouTubers or YouTube culture at the time. Her e-mail started filling up with PR pitches, and one caught her eye.

“A man arrived and said, ‘I have this client, Jack Paul,'” Ward said. “I looked at him and thought, ‘Who is this kid who has 20 million followers that I’ve never heard of?'”

Ward now walked into the infamous YouTuber’s 7 7 million “Team 10” mansion and saw a crowd of children sitting on the front lawn. When he asked what they were doing, they told him that they were looking forward to seeing Paul. More interestingly, Ward said he interviewed Paul for more than an hour about the business in Paul’s garage.

“What made it so different from the traditional celebrity interview was that Jack gave me his phone number,” Ward said. And he said, “Hey, when you post an article, text me the link and I’ll share it.”

When Paul Tweeted Ward’s article. And Ward’s Twitter handle, Ward, said his phone “exploded”. Within ten minutes, her interview had garnered more clicks than any article ever written by Ward. When his article crossed 100,000 clicks, Ward knew he had to pay close attention to the world of YouTube.

To establish his own brand, Ward began filming interviews.

Ward still writes for Forbes, and his latest article is an interview with the head of TV at CrossCheck Studios, a company owned by TikTok star Josh Richards. But keeping the Forbes byline was not the ultimate goal of Ward’s new career.

“It drives me crazy when you watch the movie’s trailer, and it says, ‘Forbes said it was the best movie of the year.’ Forbes didn’t say that, no writer did! If I’m that guy, I’m not even on screen, “Ward said. “I didn’t want to be an anonymous writer. It’s not fun. I wanted to make a name for myself.”

After publishing his interview with Paul, Ward began interviewing big YouTubers and influential people like Shane Dawson and Layla Ponce. Then, he started filming while interviewing them himself.

“No one was there when I was doing this. Everyone was watching these kids as a joke,” Ward told Insider. “I have co-workers who make fun of me behind my back, like, ‘What is this guy doing? Does he think he’s some kind of Instagram star?’ They didn’t get it, and nobody got it at the time. “

Now, Ward’s YouTube channel has more than 5.3 million views, and its easy relationship with influencers has led to even greater opportunities, such as co-hosting a podcast focused on branding with TikToker Griffin Johnson.

Scenes are still not Ward’s final game. In 2019, when he started posting clips of his interviews on TikTok, he saw that the question and answer clips about the dating life of teen stars received the most views. But, because of his father’s age, Ward said he lets the tea channels cover the drama. Its place is in the business of influence.

“He’s smarter than people give him credit,” Ward told Insider. “For me, it wasn’t about chasing Clout or anything like that. I was just curious and wanted to know how it works. I took them seriously, and that’s why I think They have accepted me. “

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