Inside the Beltway: The Secret Agenda of Climate Concerns

Global climate conferences like the six-day COP26 now taking place in Scotland – attract those who, yes, seriously and legitimately care about the Earth, humanity and nature. Such gatherings also attract activists, politicians, celebrities and activists – some of whom arrive at major conferences in airplanes and gas-guzzling limousines.

However, their message has never been particularly positive or full of good news. Their message always seems to be filled with death, dark skies, thawing Arctic ice and gale-force winds – followed by predictions of disaster and destruction.

why is that?

Stephen Milloy – Lawyer and Founder, an investigative news site – has the answer.

Climate anxiety advocates turn to hysterical and extreme claims rather than science because they are in such a hurry to pursue their political agenda. They imagine that saying something like “We’re destroying the planet now” has more impact on the masses than something more accurate like “Uncertain computer models that didn’t work in the past predict that the Earth’s average surface temperature could be two degrees higher than today.” Melloy told Inside the Beltway in a statement.

Since the birth of climate hysteria, alarmists have been quick to end the scientific debate by claiming that science is a foregone conclusion, demonizing opponents as ‘deniers’, frightening the public with predictions of doom and fanning public guilt with claims that we are selfishly destroying the ‘future of our children’.

“The point is that we are quick to give them strength before we have a chance to reasonably think about what they claim,” concluded Mr. Meloy.

Great achievements in society

“Virginia is ground zero,” a new analysis from Axios notes, specifically referring to Tuesday’s Virginia elections.

It has been closely documented by the media as a potential driver for the outcome of the 2022 and 2024 elections, as well as the standing of both political parties when the dust settles.

The biggest match of all time is of course the Virginia Governor’s race between Republican Glenn Youngkin and former Governor Terry McAuliffe. Mr. Yongkin has emerged as the leader by a few percentage points in recent polls, causing the Republican Party to cheer and some worry for Democrats.

Axios said there are “huge bets for both parties”.

‘Building Back Better’ is getting worse

Republican Whip Steve Scalise continues to comb through President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan, which weighs $1.8 trillion in social spending. The Louisiana legislator is now on a mission.

Whip Scalise is committed to exposing President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ gifts to radical special interest groups and far-left rulings buried in a massive 1,684-page government tax and spending spree. The lawmaker’s office said in a statement Monday that there are many “hidden gems” that Democrats are handing to socialists, and Whip Scalise will highlight them over the next few weeks.

Researchers have already released an excellent example of such spending, the $2.5 billion earmarked for “tree ownership,” tucked into Section 11003 of the massive bill.

Funds are available to state and local governments as well as nonprofit organizations for “tree planting and related activities to increase tree equity and community tree canopy” – with an emphasis on “community and climate shared benefits” for disadvantaged communities.

“How can the Biden administration tell families, who are struggling to pay higher prices for food and gas, or small businesses that cannot find employees because of Biden’s labor shortage, that they have to pay more taxes so Democrats can spend $2.5 billion trees?” he asked. Mr. Scalise in a statement.

Democrats can’t see the forest from the trees. “Fairness” is at the forefront of massive government taxation and spending rather than the millions of Americans who are getting hurt,” he added.

The question is that 450 thousand dollars

On October 28, the Wall Street Journal reported that three federal agencies—the U.S. Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services—were considering paying nearly $1 million to each immigrant family separated at the U.S. southern border during former President Trump’s tenure.

Sources told the news organization that this works out to compensate about $450,000 per person.

This idea drew a lot of news coverage and also sparked outrage among Republican lawmakers — as well as those aspiring to be Republican lawmakers.

Billy Brembier – a black Republican and US Air Force veteran running for Congress in New Jersey’s 9th District – recently toured the US southern border with other GOP candidates, and came back with a clear conclusion on Biden’s proposal.

The highest duty of elected officials is the welfare of the American people. Rather than stick to this, Democrats have embraced the new slogan, “Illegal to Americans.” Instead of spending thousands of dollars to illegal people, all of that money should go toward ending the border wall and increasing salaries for US Border Patrol agents,” Mr. Brembe told Inside the Beltway in a statement.

He has some background in immigration too.

“Billy has been a resident of Paterson, NJ, his whole life. His parents immigrated legally to this country from Ghana, West Africa in the late 1980s and sacrificed a lot to give him the opportunity to thrive in this great land,” advises the official biography of Mr. Prembe.

Today’s poll

71% of adults in the United States say the nation is now “off the wrong path”.

54% generally disapproved of the job that President Biden does.

54% are now “more skeptical” about Biden’s leadership and plan for the country.

53% say overall that the nation’s “best years” are over.

41% say better years are coming.

Source: NBC News poll of 1,000 American adults conducted October 23-26.

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