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Inside Louise Minchin’s family life when she left BBC Breakfast after 20 years

Louise Minchin is leaving the BBC breakfast service after 20 years and will undoubtedly enjoy some quality time with her husband and two daughters when she steps down.

Louise Minchin and her husband David

Louise Minchin is leaving the BBC’s breakfast service after 20 years, and the TV presenter is no doubt happy to spend more time away from the camera.

She joined the BBC in its early days and had several roles with the broadcaster, including hosting coverage of the World Cup, BBC News and The One Show.

But what the BBC is best known for is the breakfast they hosted alongside Dan Walker.

In addition to a brilliant career, Louise found happiness in her personal life, and has been married to her husband, David Minchin, since 1998.

The couple tied the knot in a chapel in Hampshire, and Louise admitted it was an affair.

Louise and her daughters Scarlett and Mia when they were young


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Louise and David married in 1998



Speaking in 2013, Louise said: “We only squeezed in about 50 people.

“Other guests sat outside with a picnic during the service and cheered when we walked out.”

David is a restaurateur and investor, who made investments in Chestnut Inns, a group of bars, inns and restaurants in East Anglia, while working as the company’s chief financial officer.

The duo is a huge fanatic of the sport, with Louise competing in triathlons and David an avid skater.

Louise with her dog Ruby



The couple is the parents of two teenage daughters: Scarlett and Mia.

Louise revealed how undiagnosed appendicitis during her first pregnancy left her in agony and fighting for her life.

Her waters broke two weeks ago and she had to have an emergency caesarean section.

Four days later, she started experiencing excruciating pain and her temperature rose to 41 degrees Celsius.

Louise is a fitness enthusiast



She had to undergo emergency surgery to remove her appendix, and it took nine months for her to recover.

“It was a tough time,” Louise said. “When I was turned away from the operation, I really thought if the pain went away and I didn’t come back, it would be a better option.”

“I’m usually annoyingly positive, so in retrospect, I couldn’t believe I had reached the point of giving up.

“It played with my mind a lot, I spoke to my GP and counselor who diagnosed me with PTSD.

Louise is leaving BBC Breakfast this week



“After I was discharged from the hospital, I was still in pain. I slept for hours and was in great pain. It took nine months to recover.”

She said she delayed having another child, but later welcomed Mia.

In 2018, Louise said that her daughters did not rank in order of popularity.

She said Sunday Post : “I am their mother, this is the most important thing. I love the fact that they see me as a working mother.

“I’ve always worked out since I was young. The fact that I’m on TV isn’t that big.”

Away from the television camera, Louise’s home life seems idyllic.

The family of four lives in Chester, about an hour from the BBC filming of breakfast in Salford.

She often posts pictures of the family dogs Ruby and Waffle, riding her bike around her hometown.


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