Ineos opens purchase orders for Grenadier

Ineos Group, a British chemical company that brought in BMW’s off-road Grenadier SUV To North America in Spring 2023, the order book will open on Thursday.

The company says 63,000 hands-on enthusiasts have expressed interest in the off-road boxer vehicle globally, with 12,000 of them in North America. Now the company wants to know who’s serious about buying a vintage-looking car aimed at car enthusiasts Classic SUV Like the original Land Rover Defender.

These breeders will be given a two-week opportunity to put a $450 deposit on the vehicle. After that, reservations will be opened for all customers, said Ineos Executive Vice President of North America, Greg Clark. Car News.

Talking about Deposit 450 dollars“We definitely want an expression of real interest, and we feel like you can get lots and lots of speculation in small amounts,” Clark said.

Ineos is different from most other startups. Money is not a concern for the company; It is one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the world.

“This is not a crowdfunding exercise in any way,” Clark said.

He has been moving at warp speed to build a service and parts network, select retailers for the United States, Canada and Mexico, and have them up and running in time for launch.

The company said Tuesday that its headquarters in the United States will be in Raleigh, NC Clark said that Raleigh is close to ports and rough terrain that can be used to demonstrate the capabilities of the vehicle, and it is located in an attractive geographical location, which should make hiring experienced personnel in importing Vehicles are easier.

With the first delivery date approaching about 20 months later, Clark is interviewing dealers, working on details of what Ineos showrooms will look like and creating a nationwide service network.

Here are Ineos’ plans for North America, according to Clark.

  • Dealers – Agents: In the United States and Canada, Ineos will grant franchises to individual merchants or groups of agents with a strong regional footprint. Clark said it’s possible for the company to give certain territories to large national dealer chains. But the goal is to keep the number of regional dealers and distributors small and manageable. The company is looking for about 40 points at launch.
  • Exhibitions: Clark estimates that dealers will need to invest in the “low six digits” of an Ineos showroom that can accommodate between one and three start-up vehicles and possibly as many as six when the company adds new models.

Clark said, “What we have learned so far is that clients are not impressed with the palace showrooms. They want to be able to talk face to face with people who are as passionate and passionate about SUVs and lifestyle as they are.” . “I want them [dealers] Invest their money in great people, in great training to deliver a great customer experience. “

  • Service and parts: Ineos works with Bosch to add factory-approved service points in regions without dealerships. Bosch has a nationwide network of independent service centres. It is also possible that dealer groups with BMW franchises will be able to service the Grenadier. Clark says Ineos is in talks with BMW about the matter. The company aims to deliver parts to service centers anywhere in the United States within 24 hours.
  • Mexico: Ineos will likely appoint one or two distributors who will be responsible for all aspects of Grenadier’s sales, marketing, and service.

About 4,000 potential customers rode in the early versions of the SUV, and the company logged about 1.2 million test miles. Ineos now operates the former Daimler factory on the Franco-German border where the Grenadier will be built.

The car will be launched late next year in Europe and then North American exports will begin. Clark said the Grenadier will likely be covered by a 5-year/60,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. “We fully believe in this car and we stand behind it,” he added.

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