Indy SEO Company Turns to Software to Further Growth

An Indianapolis-based company that began as a consulting agency to help B2B Software-as-a-Service companies improve search engine optimization says it has transformed into a high-growth software business. Demandwell, which was founded in 2019, has joined the High Alpha ventures studio in Indy after seeing “exponential growth” in its first 18 months and has launched a new software platform. The company says the platform coaches marketing teams on how to turn organic search into a source of repeatable income.

In an interview with Inside INDiana Business, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Mitch Causey said the jump to becoming a software company was a logical next step for Demandwell.

“We kept hitting what I call the” spreadsheets + humans “wall, which means that that combination can only get you so far and at some point, you have to have software to take you beyond that,” said Causey. “And I wanted to help our customers and future customers grow quicker, better and easier and so I decided to loop in the software component and make that hybrid of world-class software plus world-class expert service.”

Causey is a former marketing leader at Indianapolis-based Lessonly. His co-founder and chief technical officer, Sam Smith, previously served as chief architect at Sigstr in Indy, before it was acquired by Terminus last year.

Causey says joining High Alpha was critical in the company’s evolution.

“They are capital, so we are now venture backed thanks to them, which allows us to move faster, hire faster, hire better people,” he said. The other part is advice. I like to say that five minutes with them is worth an hour with other folks; they’re just so wise and have a depth and breadth that is second to none. And third is their network as well, connecting with other companies and learning and helping those folks grow as they help us learn and grow as well. ”

The platform, according to Causey, automates much of the routine SEO tasks that businesses would need to complete, saving a lot of time. It also coaches marketing teams on what they should be doing to improve their SEO standing and “bridge the gap of where they are and where they could be.”

Causey says Demandwell has grown to a dozen employees since its inception. He says plans call to grow that number to about 20 by the end of the year with more hiring planned beyond that time.

Causey says the jump to becoming a software company was a logical next step for Demandwell.

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