Industrial design Apple VP Evans Hankey goes deeper into the Apple Watch band.

Industrial Design VP Evans Hankey and VP Product Marketing Stan NG go into depth with HYPEBEAST in a new interview and discover what makes each Apple Watch band unique.

In the interview, Hankie spoke about the importance of preserving the band’s compatibility between each race:

From the first Apple Watch to today’s Series 7, band changes have been the basis of the product. […] Whenever we’ve improved the design of the Apple Watch, we’ve been pushing ourselves to keep up with the backwards compatibility, which is no small feat as the display has grown over the years.

Asked what makes the Apple Watch strap different from the traditional watch band, Ng explained a lofty goal:

One difference is that the innovations we make to see the band support the functionality of the Apple Watch. […] This ensures that the watch is comfortable to wear – not too horny and not too loose – as well as enabling features like heart rate tracking, blood oxygen readings, and wrist detection throughout the day that will allow you to enjoy Apple. Allow Pay to use or securely unlock your iPhone. Without confirmation each time.

The most juicy part that Apple Watch fans will appreciate is the band-to-band breakdown that Evans offers:

The Clover Solo Loop is without a doubt the easiest and most exciting watch band we’ve ever made. Probably for the first time in the history of watchmaking, we’ve eliminated all the boxes, clips, and extra material needed for size adjustment. […]

The braided solo loop shares the same basic architecture, but it is made by framing 16,000 recycled polyester yarn filaments around thin silicone threads and then laser cutting to fit the exact length to fit To be sure. […]

This year, too, we used a jacquard process to integrate Nike’s classic Swiss straight into the band. This color combination looks especially serious and sporty. […]

And then the leather link is another first of its kind. The leather link is made of soft, handmade leather with flexible mold magnets inside each strap. […]

Read the full interview on HYPEBEAST.

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