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In Manhasset, two get paid for a school supervisor job

Two men getting paid as supervisors of Manhasset schools – including One on vacation since May after, after popular anger That the school board kept him accountable despite his violation of the district’s sexual harassment policy.

The arrangement for Vincent Butera’s compensation, which the district found to have violated the policy, is the same as it was before he went on vacation, according to an outside spokesperson for the district, Michael Ganchi, of Syntax Agency. Butera received a previously scheduled raise on July 1, bringing his annual salary to $286,844 plus benefits, according to decade Published on the Manhasset Schools Administration website.

Acting Superintendent Gaurav Pacey, whose appointment was announced last week to fill the position on a temporary basis, is being paid from his previous job as assistant district director for Curriculum, Education and Staffing: $214,135. He also now earns a monthly stipend of $2,000, according to him Knot. Jancy said Bassey will also retain his auxiliary duties.

Butera accused by former subordinates from unwanted hugs, frequent visits to her classroom and other unwanted attention. A secret investigation that concluded Butera violated the policy in May was leaked to the media.

The district has not said if he has been formally disciplined. At a board meeting in May, Butera said he “thought deeply” about my “actions and behaviour” and felt “deep regret and sadness”.

The investigation began in September 2020 by law firms Shaw, Perelson, May & Lambert and lasted several months, and cost $26398.95, according to district records obtained by Newsday under the state’s Freedom of Information Act. This is in addition to $7015.25 in statutory bills from the county law firm, Frazer & Feldman, of Garden City, records show.

Newsday formally requested a copy of the investigative report, but the district refused to release it.

The board kept Butera on his job, after revealing in early May the investigation, but was put on leave the following week after a student strike and teacher protests to demand his dismissal.

In a statement from Butera emailed by Jamie Moss of newsPRos, a public relations firm working on Putera’s behalf, he said the board chose to keep him accountable, despite the investigation, “with full knowledge of the facts, context, and evidence, and in doing so chose not to impose any disciplinary action.”

Butera was quoted as saying:

“The information the Board considered in reaching its conclusion of non-discipline included an assessment of the intentional actions of several individuals who sought to harm me because of staff recommendations I made to the Board of Education that they were not satisfied with.” Moss did not immediately respond to a follow-up email asking for the identities of the individuals Butera named in the statement.

In an email to Newsday two weeks ago, Moss wrote: “In May 2021, a mob mentality and media frenzy erupted in the area. As a result, in May 2021, the Board of Education, in an effort to quell the frenzy, put Dr. Butera on paid leave.”

It cited a statement by the deputy superintendent that the matter was “entirely disproportionately and maliciously misrepresented, and I cannot rule out the deliberate actions of many bad actors with a contemplation of retaliation for the decisions taken.”


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