In Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Happy Home Paradise, release the bugs.

We already know that. Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘New Happy home paradise DLC is a haven for blurry design – but do we know where it went? As the players reach the “end”. New Horizons‘DLC, they understand how much freedom Nintendo has given us to create chaos. You see, once you’ve completed 30 homes and built a school on Resort Island, the returning character will come to give a lecture on Nat Bugs.

Knot is a chameleon that appeared in both. City folk And New address, Often as the host of bug-off events. His son Falak took over the role. New Horizons, Leaving the net to roam the resort’s holiday ground. There, he also has something to teach the player: how to get rid of bugs in the backyard of a holiday home.

Some architects immediately began to think of ways in which fireflies or butterflies could enhance their eccentric aesthetics. But others are choosing chaos, courtyards with scorpions, tarantulas, tadpoles and other terrifying reptiles. The second thing is that New Horizons Players say the bugs are attached to the lots – that is, if you change the holiday home, they will stay.

To be honest, they all look beautiful to me. Forget a guard dog. Give me a scorpion!

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