In a stock transaction, Zoom to buy Tech 9 for 14 149 billion

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In a stock transaction, Zoom to buy Tech 9 for 14 149 billion

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Hello and welcome to the Daily Crunch on July 19, 2021. In the old days, there were venture capital seasons. The vice chancellors did not work in December, and the period from July to August can be difficult. Such variability has decreased. This shows that Dell Making is now the theme of all seasons. Proof? Just read what’s below! – Alex

Tech glass top 3

  • RPP increased the M 500M: The on-demand economy is still hot all over the world, which we can know for sure thanks to the latest half billion dollar increase in the rupee. The Colombian shipping company is now valued at 5. 5.25 billion. There is a lot of money. According to figures per crunchbase, the unicorn has raised more than 2 2 billion since its inception. Repi operates in nine Latin American countries and 250 cities.
  • Zoom buys five five: Well, at least the agreement was announced. It will not close until next year. But .7 14.7 billion transactions are talking to people. That’s a lot of money, and it’s a combination of two public companies. Of course, both companies are co-operating with the first project, and this agreement could be helpful in setting pricing notices for the second software M&A. A deal from TechCrunch is priced here.
  • Robin Hood and Duolingo set prices for their IPO: If you see that most of the tech companies are public, you will be in luck. We received data updates from both the American consumer fanatic giant, Robin Hood, and the American adtec giant, Dowlingo. Enjoy!

Startups / VC

  • Switch has raised 20 million to help you get off your back. If you look at a smartwatch, you get notifications from it at the wrong time. When you sit in a restaurant, get up and walk. Switch people to take better care of you. Wants to provide smart incentives, and develop it as a way to “keep away from old situations”. Given how much we can all improve in health, I’m interested in how this startup works.
  • Dover raised 20 million to further manage the recruitment: Recruitment is not a great process. This is mostly done manually, and is organized in a spreadsheet, or perhaps in a system like a lever. But startups understand that there is more room for improvement. Dover is one such company, hoping that its software will help recruiters “automatically link the appropriate job candidates to the pool of multiple candidates and overall, and then streamline the access process.” “It’s just a ticket. And now it’s up from Tiger.
  • Breaker wants to connect musicians and influencers: The days when radio play was on its way to mainstream are firmly behind us. Beginners like Breakers want to help musical artists enter the new world by connecting with their audiences. Along the way, the breaker will receive a 10% cut in the fee for connecting the two parties.
  • Resale raises ڈالر 6.3 million for improved sales software: How Akin wants to help Dover recruit in the smooth process, build software that provides maximum visibility in rapid sales pipelines and provide buyers with the same digital interface that sales people provide, sales Wants to improve the process. To make anything less scary! , please!
  • Jones wants to make it easier to hire commercial real estate vendors: If you have a building, it is your responsibility to hire people to work in or on the building. Jones has just raised 12.5 million to help CME people “find the people they need and get the services they need.”
  • Tech Glass broke the news that the private equity group is Carlyle Want to spend more than 400 400 million on LiveU, Live streaming service.

Founder: How well do you really understand seed seed financing?

A famous poem advises us not to compare ourselves with others, “because there will always be people bigger and less than you.”

The same is true for start-up fundraising. The size of your badge round will be fully determined by the immediate needs of your company and the investors you are working with.

“Remember, fundraising is not the goal,” says three-time UC Elm Yin Woo. “Building a successful business.”

If you are an early stage founder who is seeking clarification on distribution equity – or if you are cutting your nails on how much to add – read this primer. This is also a useful overview for beginners and co-founders who may be new to financing.

  • How Financing Works: Safety vs. Equity Cycle
  • How much to increase
  • How to arrive at your assessment.

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Big Tech Inc.

  • Chaos in the Leader World: The CEO is out in Velodine, a leather company that runs publicly through a spec. There are many more post-SPAC dramas in the news that are our own Kirsten Korosic reports. In short, going public does not guarantee that the company’s ducks will remain in a row once the shares are traded. Valodin’s share price is only .6 8.69, down it. Less than 32.50.
  • Going CNN +: Yes, there is another “+” streaming service named after him. This time cable news pioneers and many useless panels are the hosts of CNN. The company seems to be relying heavily on this effort. CNN, I offer to host a regular tech show on CNN + under this. To call me.
  • Ober wants to provide more carrots: We have to take advantage of the news that the riding giant is expanding its rental service to another 400 new cities. Uber is also making money, so the timing of this news item is no accident. The company will have something positive to talk about when its earnings do not live up to the expectations of investors regarding the performance behind it.
  • In cyber security today, The United States is pointing the finger at China “Large-scale hacking of Microsoft Exchange servers earlier this year forced the FBI to intervene because of growing concerns that the hacks could lead to widespread destruction,” TechCrunch reported. The climate for cybercrime is changing, with countries and states rapidly releasing material to point the finger at China and Russia for mistreatment.

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