Improving a site can have a negative effect on rankings

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Improving a site can have a negative effect on rankings

In Overseas Webmaster Hangouts, Google’s John Mرller answers a number of questions about how changes can affect rankings and how they won’t.

M مولller describes various scenarios that are harmless and includes changes to how Google views the website, including seeing it as a brand new site.

Performance influenced by site optimization

The questioner said he had the last three sites.RedesignedHas experienced extremely negative ranking changes in Google search.

“It never happened before,” he said.Renewal“And it was trying to figure out if it was something from Google, and also to understand how changes could affect search performance in general.”

It is important to note that John Mرller did not make it clear that the questioner meant aTo renewOf a website.

A new design can range from a simple SEO to a complete SEO update to profound changes in content, metadata and site structure.


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Google’s John Mرller is talking about optimization websites

John Mرller says it’s not Google

M مولller:

“Usually I want to see this kind of thing on the basis of every website.

There is nothing on our part to say that if a website is optimized then we have to change its ranking.

… If you’re looking at it with three websites it looks like maybe you’re doing something weird with the optimization process and it’s not like there’s even something from Google that usually blocks the ramp Would have been

For reform, sometimes things go together and sometimes it’s hard to know what’s going on.

But when I look at corrections, what I see is:

Keep the URL as long as possible so that you do not change the structure of the URL.

That internal communication remains as long as possible.

The content and layout of the pages are as consistent as possible.

And if those technical elements are necessarily connected, then the only thing we’re seeing is that maybe the website is a bit faster now because you’re using a faster structure.


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What’s so significant about a Google site?

John Mرller noted the kind of changes that would make Google a completely new website.

If, on the other hand, these factors are not the same:

  • If URLs change
  • If the setting changes
  • If the content changes
  • If you do not have a redirect from the old URL to the new one

Then these are basically the aspects that say to use that we have to think of it as a new website because of course we crawl from the beginning and it has completely different content or it is in the setup. It’s completely different or it’s a completely different layout or the URLs are completely different.

So here it is … basically on our part, we’ll say oh this is a new website, we’ll start and try to understand it again.

So that’s what I’m going to look at there.

When the website changes compatibility with Google Updates

Mرller went on to say that Google is always up to date and that changes in rankings may not be related to recent changes to the website.

Mرller observed:

“The other thing is that we make different ranking changes on the web.

And sometimes when you make corrections you get the right amount of time when we make a basic update or when we make a big ranking change it’s exactly the same.

And then it’s really hard to recognize: is it because of the kind of technical change I’ve made or is it because Google generally understood my website differently anyway.

Trying to figure out; is this something you’ve done with Ramp or is it something Google has changed?

I think this is a good first step and to do some of it it is really useful to just check all the technical details and actually link such a link get a map of all the old urls and then archive Check it out at dot rg. They look the same and make sure they look the same now.

Testing Use a variety of testing tools to make sure that all of these items are renewable and publishable; all of these items. “


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This latest information about crawling a site is the best information. Always crawl a site before making a change to keep a record of what it looks like before the change.

Once the site is updated, the new site can be crawled and any changes between the two states can be compared. The Scream Frog has a visual overview that shows the internal link structure as a graph in which well-connected nodes are most visible. For example, comparing the two views can give an immediate idea of ​​any unannounced changes.

If the site’s URL structure has changed, a list of old site entry pages can be created, which can then be fed to the biting frog as a list crawl to determine if any pages are orphaned or Not like redirects, etc. .

Is changing site structure effective?

The questioner then thanked M مولller and added that he had changed the structure of the website to include several sections.


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He hadn’t mentioned it before, so now M مولller is answering a different question.

Now they are answering whether changing the structure of the site will affect how Google views the pages in the site.

M مولller replied:

“It’s a place where changing the structure of a website will have an effect on how search sees it, and it can have a positive effect.

So it may be that the previous improvements you made, if you go from a one-page website to a multi-page website, it could be a good change for those websites.

But it is possible that the current website will change the way you are working.

Does changing the paragraph order affect Google?

The person asking the next question asked if changing the paragraph orders on a web page could affect how Google views those pages.

M مولller replied:


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“Not usually but it can have a small effect because we try to understand the context of the text on the pages and if you move a paragraph from a place where it would be like oh. Note if there is.

It can then have an effect on how we view this information.

An example of what Google will note

In response to another follow-up question, John gave an example of a change that could make Google look at the page differently.

“It would be more if you changed something like the title of a page and you moved it to the footer or something like that. This is where I can imagine our system that oh It doesn’t matter anymore. “

Do all images affect rankings?

The questioner asked another follow-up question, asking if Google would change its ranking if the website updated its site with brand new images.


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M مولller replied:

“It doesn’t matter to normal web search.

For image search, if you want those images in image search and if you are getting traffic from image search, then of course changing the images will not make any difference.

Negative search changes should be investigated.

If changes in search rankings cannot be easily identified, then the first step should be to crawl a site to identify negative changes that may be reflected in the crawl statistics.

When there are no obvious reasons, then this could be a change to Google Update, which means a different kind of audit that involves checking the search results to find out what kind of Google pages. I have changed.

Modifications to a website should be made with caution.

Backup is required. In that case, when something goes wrong, the site can be restored to its original state soon and the downgrade is reversed.


Check out John Mرller’s answers to a number of questions about website improvements and downgrades from the 40-second video mark.


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