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These days, 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers consider content marketing essential to their business. While this is certainly a testament to the value of content marketing, it also presents a problem. If so many businesses are competing for limited amounts of digital traffic, how will you make your business stand out?

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The answer is to create better content than SEO. But not only does this type of content require a bit of technical skill, it also takes an incredible amount of time to create. This is where WriterZen Easy Content Creator comes in for SEO.

WriterZen is an important toolset that detects top keywords, identifies topic relevance, and references the right content to help you create your own content. The key word in Explorer, you are more likely to be ranked in the top 10, 20, or 30, which can be used to quickly identify the golden keywords Google’s password database. Campaign while the auto clustering function helps you to quickly group keywords so that they can be categorized automatically.

Need help writing about topics? The Topic Discover module allows you to research all the topics covered by your competitors. Then, the content creation tool makes it easy to track and collaborate between dependent sections of a large project, while your keyword, title, and paragraph structures are structured using the latest NLP analysis of 20 of your competitors’ sites. There is also a theft checker checker to help make sure your content is genuine.

Writer Zen has received 4.7 stars on the Trust Pilot, 4.8 stars on the G2, and 4.9 stars on the Captira, making it one of the top rated tools of its kind. Find out when you get a lifetime subscription to Writer Zen Easy Content Creator for SEO for only $ 68.99.

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