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I’m a Celebrity 2021 – Adam Woodyatt of EastEnders and Simon Gregson of Coronation Street finally enter camp

EASTENDERS star Adam Widat and Simon Gregson of Coronation Street finally appeared on I’m A Celebrity.

The two soap star legends will meet the rest of the celebrities during tomorrow night’s show.

ITV fans are so over the moon that they’re finally heading to camp.

It comes after viewers were disappointed with Naughty Boy’s reaction to the main camp tonight moments before Richard Madeley begins his final trial.

The music producer, 36, last night threatened to leave the ITV show after picking him to go up against Snoochie Shy at trial.

He shocked the rest of his campmates at The Clink and made it clear that he thought they chose him because he was “the weakest link”.

Naughty Boy told Arlene Phillips, Richard Madley, Danny Miller and David Ginola that he wouldn’t have been able to blend into camp with them, and wanted to leave.

But he fell asleep on it and felt much better in the situation.

When he later met face to face with the rest of the celebrity, he ignored how he felt.

Moments later, Richard took the last challenge and only managed to get four stars.

I’m a celebrity has been shaken by accusations about stars receiving hot water, cigarettes and heating, despite being photographed living in “harsh” living conditions.

The The revelation comes after the producers This year’s series has been promised in the North Wales It will be the “hardest” yet for the stars.

But, to the disappointment I’m a celebrity Fans, it turns out that the falling stars have heat Portakabin Where they can wait while they get ready for the experiments, as well as being provided with packs of cigarettes.

Producers said that VIPs have to manually pump a device to reach a certain pressure to operate the boiler. In fact, it can be operated with the click of a button.

And it turns out that a source also said, “They are allowed some cigarettes…there are very good supplies”, even saying that “naughty boy He smoked, too.”

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  • Adam and Friendlies have been out of EastEnders for a year

    The Woods announced last year that he would be taking some time off from EastEnders with his last sighting, filmed in November 2020.

    He said, “It will have been a year since I was last at EastEnders by the time I went. I’ve enjoyed my time so much. I’m enjoying my life so much and doing things I want to do.”

    The actor claimed that Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge’s 1.3 million followers on Instagram would ensure she was called the Queen of Castles.

    He said, “I’m not going to win it. Frankie Bridge has had a lot of followers on Instagram. She’s already won it. I’m just going there to enjoy myself, challenge myself and laugh.”

  • What date am I a celebrity tonight?

    Get it at 9pm on ITV!

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    Tune in to Wednesday’s episode on ITVHub!

  • Did he ask any of his celebrity friends for advice?

    The soap legend confessed, “It refers to the star of Alfie Moon Shane RitchieHe said, “I spoke to my dear friend Shen. He gave me a little [tips].

    Vicki Bateson she has. I’ll be honest because I didn’t actually ask them – I didn’t want to know. I just wanted to go in and find out for myself.”

  • Friendly faces continued

    He also met stern star Arlene Phillips and spoke with Richard Madley years ago

  • Friendly faces!

    The soap star already knows Emmerdale’s Danny Miller Coronation Street Simon GregsonPlus two more…

    Can you guess the other two?

  • Adam already knows four of his fellow campers…

    Can you guess who?

  • Who plays Adam Woodyat in EastEnders?

    The soap star, 53, has played Ian Bell since 1985, making him the longest-serving member of the show.

  • Who plays Simon Gregson on Coronation Street?

    The actor has played the role of the beloved Steve MacDonald since 1989.

    He has received a number of awards over the years including Best Actor at the TV Quick Award and Best Comedy Performance at the British Soap Awards in 2014.

  • Did he tell any of his loved ones of the decision to make the show?


    He admitted: “I did not want to spoil the surprise …

    “So I kept quiet about it.”

  • Why is Adam participating in I’m A Celebrity 2021?

    The star of the series said, “Why did I finally say yes? Because I’m not in EastEnders! That’s the honest answer. I’m not under contract with the BBC, so I can come and do it.”

    “Everyone thinks I’m Ian Bell and so it would be nice to show that I’m not.”

  • Fermented herring!

    He admitted: “A friend of mine, Dan Clifford, made a show with Tom Kerridge for the BBC and I think they just vomited from the smell!”

  • There is only one thing Adam will refuse to eat…

    Can you guess what?

  • Adam has high hopes of reaching the final

    He admitted, “I really want to get into the hurricane because it looks like a lot of fun.”

  • Who are his dream buddies in the camp?

    Paul Chuckle, Steven Gerrard and Kenny Dalglish.

  • What is the biggest misunderstanding he wants to dispel in the castle?

    He said, “Everyone thinks I’m Ian Bell—I’m obviously not! It would be nice if I could do this like me, Adam.”

  • What is Adam most afraid of?

    Bedbugs and rodents…

  • Would you like to learn more about Adam and Woodyat now?

    Don’t say we don’t deal with you!

  • What is Simon’s scariest thing?


  • Simon loved winning the show for his kids

    The actor admitted, “It would be a really big achievement because it’s such a big show.

    “It is a pleasure to go to the end and it will be great for my kids. They will love it and it will be school cake points for them!”

  • The actor is happy to show off who he really is to all his fans

    He explained, “I think people think you’re in a huge celebrity bubble when you’re working on soap but that’s not the case at all.

    “It would be nice for them to see me as a normal guy but also, there’s not much difference between the character and myself because I kind of inserted myself into the character I’m playing!”

  • Who are Simon’s companions in a dream?

    Billy Connolly or Eddie Murphy

  • Simon Gregson

    The soap star is excited to show viewers who he really is.

    “I’m a normal family guy and I don’t live in a celebrity bubble,” he said.

    Actor Steve MacDonald thinks he’ll take on the role of camp artist and cook.

  • Want to know more about why they decided to get involved?

    Check out the next few posts!

  • What will a Korean star miss the most?

    The actor explained, “I will miss Emma and the kids the most.

    “We haven’t had any contact for the past few days and Emma and I talk to each other every 10 minutes even if we’re not together. That would be really hard.”

    “I think I will miss the pub,” he added.