IKEA turns cool rock in collaboration with Zandra Rhodes | fashion

It can be hard to unpack, but shoppers may soon find that Ikea’s simple simplicity lends it a bit glam rock style Thanks to one of Britain’s most famous fashion designers.

Dame Zandra Rhodes announced that she’s designed a line of homeware products for the Swedish furniture chain, a decision she made after painting her Billy bookstore “an iridescent blue Frida Kahlo.”

Rhodes, who previously worked with rock stars Mark Pollan and Freddie Mercury, as well as Diana, Princess of Wales, will be releasing a 26-piece collection in her signature “Loud and Proud” palette next week — which includes vases, rugs and lampshades.

The IKEA collection with Mrs. Zandra Rhodes.
The IKEA collection with Mrs. Zandra Rhodes. Photo: Titor Ardal/IKEA

The Karismatisk Group has been in business for over two years, and Rhodes has been affected by our growing connection to home life throughout the COVID pandemic.

“The lockdown made us realize how important our homes are,” she said. “We spent time in our homes getting to know each other rather than rushing to work. It made it more important to make a group like this,” she says.

The alleged punk princess, who was born to a truck driver and a seamstress, said she didn’t hesitate to work with IKEA Because it can democratize their designs and manufacture at an affordable price.

Ikea x Zandra Rhodes Charismatic Collection

“As a designer, it’s great that you can create something that reaches people,” she said. “When I make my clothes, they are all very limited and unique. It’s the way I felt like I could make a living, but it’s great to do something that can come out to more people. I can’t wait to see people walking around with one of the pink bags.”

Describing her own experience with IKEA, she said, “I have a Billy bookcase that I painted an iridescent Frida Kahlo blue, and I have other IKEA shelves dedicated to my records, which I painted yellow. I just thought, ‘I’d like to work for IKEA.'”

pillow cover
pillow cover Photo: IKEA

With the fashion industry going through turbulent times, more and more designers are expanding their design palette and turning to interiors.

J.W. Anderson, Henry Holland, and Anthony Vaccarello of Saint Laurent experienced the “Laura Ashley effect”, producing ranges of ceramics with varying degrees of adherence.

Meanwhile, Ashish and The Elder Statesman made homeware capsules for MatchesFashion, which recently reported a 30% increase in sales of homeware items, adding that tableware was the fastest growing category.

Ikea x zandra rhodes dressing table set.
Ikea x zandra rhodes dressing table set. Photo: Titor Ardal/IKEA

“No matter how cool it is, fashion is a business, backed by profits and profit margins,” said Professor Alison Goodram of Norwich University of the Arts. “It makes sense for fashion designers to adapt their offering and revise their product range, especially when it comes to riding a storm as great as the pandemic, which has changed fashion behaviors immeasurably.”

With the launch of the Rhodes Collection on September 1, Goodrum believes the focus on interiors represents a change in the industry. “What’s interesting is that fashion chooses to align itself with local culture and home in a time of crisis, a kind of metaphorical search for shelter, if you will,” she said.

“This reflects a larger societal trend where our personal and local space is receiving more attention and investment than ever before as a reflection of who we are or what we aspire to. Consumer spending on homeware products has accelerated and is a growing market, so it might be a smart move to get into interiors.”

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