If you unlock its bootloader, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3’s camera is disabled.

Don’t unlock the bootloader of your new Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 if you don’t know what you’re getting into, or you might just regret it. According to XDA-Developers.The foldable device displays a warning when you try to unlock its bootloader, telling you that doing so will “disable the camera and stop your phone and apps from working properly.” Will. ” In fact, this is what happens when you go through the process of accessing the root and editing the device software.

After unlocking the bootloader, you will see that the stock camera app will fail. You will no longer be able to fire it to take photos, and the apps on your phone that use the camera will not be able to access it. Those apps ہاں yes, including third-party camera apps صرف just stay in the dark or run out of time, so there’s no solution. In fact, all camera features will stop working, including facial recognition.

We’ve got a statement from Samsung and we’re told the company has nothing to share right now. As the publication notes, Samsung has always made it difficult to connect your phone: your warranty expires and Samsung Pay expires before you can edit the device’s software. This is the next level of protection, although – and perhaps most effective – most people currently consider using their phone as a camera. XDA It says that re-locking the bootloader will also reactivate the Galaxy Fold 3’s camera, so if you decide to try it out and find a solution on your own, everything will not be lost.

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