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If you love Ted Lasso, read these 12 romance books

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I think I was the last person on earth to watch Ted Lasso. Everywhere I turned, I saw memes, I saw pictures of reactions, I saw beautiful and interesting Internet snapshots. I was intrigued. What is this show that everyone is suddenly obsessed with? Is it really just a football TV show? Is Jason Sudeikis Really a Magical Football Coach? Well, guys, I watched the show, because clearlyAnd let me tell you, I see it. I see why she won seven Emmys. I see why the world fell in love with her Ted Lasso.

If you are not familiar with the show Ted Lasso (That’s totally okay if you’re not!) It’s about former football coach Ted Lasso, who has been hired as the new head coach of a struggling British football team. We meet a diverse group of people, such as Rebecca, the newly divorced team owner; Roy Kent, the mature, grumpy soccer player who’s been playing for years. And Kelly, a beautiful model turned public relations consultant. Each of them offers something special to show and it is very interesting to follow their stories with them.

Now, the show is a success. What I’ve seen consistently is the love for the characters and their characters. For this reason, I wanted to recommend character-inspired romance books That everyone loves from the show. So, if you like a certain character and want to read a profile romantic A book with a main character that’s kind of like them, keep reading!

For Ted Lasso fans

Romantic Ted Lasso's Window Shop

shopping window by Tessa Bailey

We’ll start with our captain, Ted Lasso himself. He is optimistic, happy and ready to help anyone in need. You will find that Aiden in shopping window He looks a lot like him. Even Tessa Bailey said fans of this show will adore Aiden.

A grumpy ex-convict Stella (she kinda has a Roy spirit too!) was found staring out of a hilarious Christmas display window at a department store. She was found by an upbeat manager, Aiden, who also told her that they needed a wardrobe and she had to apply for the job.

very loyal to you by Keri Winfrey

Teddy’s life takes a fast turn when her boyfriend breaks up with her for a few years. Feeling disoriented, the only thing that basically makes it is a local children’s show called Everett’s Place. The host, Everett St. James, is kind of a young Mr. Rogers!

She decides to send him a letter that soon turns into a pen-friend when Everett actually writes her back.

Man vs. durian by Jackie Lau

We have an angry/sunny metaphor in this but hello!? The hero is the rising sun while the heroine is the angry one who curses loudly (Rings what bells?*wink*).

Peter hates Dorian. Valerie loves it. They face disaster when Valerie accidentally bumps into Peter and covers him with Dorian ice cream. He then asks her to come out, but she quickly rejects him. But then (!!) she asked him to be her fake boyfriend to keep her mother away from her.

How to find a princess by Alyssa Cole

Biz is a mess in human form. You start to fall in love with her the first time you meet her and you can’t stop laughing when you are in a scene.

Makeda has lost everything and now lives with her grandmother. The last thing she wants is to relive her grandmother’s affair with a prince from another country. But then, a sexy detective knocks on her door claiming to be the lost heir to her kingdom…

For Roy Kent fans

Battle Royale Cover

royal battle by Lucy Parker

I think this book is perfect for fans of the Roy/Kelly relationship. Dominic and Sylvie are the angry/chaotic dynamics that you love to enjoy in Ted Lasso boat.

Dominic and Sylvie are very opposites. She bakes colorful cakes. Bakes simple and minimalistic cupcakes. She is bright and drizzly, while he is stoic and annoyed with everyone. When they first met, their relationship went too fast to the point of hate. But years later, they find out that they are now judges on the same baking competition show.

love hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

If you see everyone reading love hypothesis, that’s for a reason. Once I started reading this book, it captured my heart and soul and never left me.

Olive Smith, a third-year doctoral candidate, needs saving. So when you see a lonely guy one night, you kiss him without even knowing who he is. This is because she wants to let her best friend Anh know that it’s OK to date the guy she was seeing before! But the kiss debunks the gossip and now everyone on campus thinks Olive is dating genius Professor Adam the pissed off.

For fans of Rebecca Welton

Book lovers Emily Henry

book lovers By Emily Henry (May 3, 2022)

Now, Rebecca is the boss. She owns the Richmond Asian team! But she got divorced during the first season and she has to put on a brave face to the media. Rebecca is truly a force to be reckoned with and is loved by many even if you think she isn’t.

book lovers It is Emily Henry’s upcoming book about literary agent Nora, who decides to take a little trip with her sister to a small town. She has been seen as an ice queen who does her job very well. All of her ex-boyfriends have broken up with her for other people – she’s the left-handed woman all the time. But the book editor’s discovery that Charlie also resides in the same small town creates changes in her life.

love you hate you by Elizabeth Davis

to me You’ve got mail Fans, this romantic title will become your new favorite book.

Victoria and Owen Adwan from the first moment they met. Constantly on opposite sides in the courtroom, they couldn’t help but hate each other more and more every day. But one night, they had a one-night stand and things change quickly. What they don’t know is that for years they have been chatting anonymously via Twitter, and quickly become best friends. But they still hate each other in real life!

Legal matter by Nisha Sharma

This follows a similar story to what you see Rebecca go through – Raj was recently betrayed by her husband when he went into enemy company and sold her secrets away. And now they are getting divorced. Raj is the CEO of her own company and has a lot to do when she meets the hero Ajay.

They both obviously don’t need any distractions, they both go through their own personal demons, but they can’t help but feel the attraction to each other.

For Kelly Jones fans

pink slip cover

pink slip by Katrina Jackson

When I thought of a character that kind of looked like Kelly, I immediately thought of Keira. Kira is fun, sexy, and very interesting. She has her bosses in the palm of her hand!

But let’s go back to the beginning. Kira, a poor poet, is looking for a job while working towards her dream. That is why she suddenly became the personal assistant of married spies. For three years, she craved them, but, thinking that was impossible, she finally told them. But before she left, her superiors took her away to Serbia on one last assignment.

managed by Kristen Callehan

Sophie is bright and messy. Plus, she just became the new photographer and social media personality for the biggest rock group in the world!

She and Gabriel Scott, the cool but handsome band manager, meet on a plane, not knowing that their lives are about to change completely. He is upset because she is using the seat next to his. She is very amused by his anger and soon begins to annoy him even more. When their plane touches the ground, nothing will be the same again.

Much like goodbye by Alexis Daria

Kelly works as a public relations consultant at AFC Richmond. She loves her job and is very good at it. Just like Michelle from Much like goodbye! Michelle, who receives an email from her childhood best friend – someone who left her without any explanation – tells her he needs her to market the new gym he wants to open in New York City.

As they worked on the campaign, old sentiments resurfaced.

I’m sure this show will be a relief to me. Years from now, I will continue to rewatch the main episodes that made me smile uncontrollably the first time I watched them. If you want more Romantic books feel goodBook Riot can help you with that, too!