If I’m looking at this picture correctly, Panasonic’s wearable speaker will literally blow your mind.

Panasonic knows the gamers want to blow up. But maybe it’s not literal?

This sounds a little painful. So it does:

I’m not sure I want to put the dragon’s breathing fire directly into my ear.

But what do you expect from a product called Sound Slayer? it was Better Kill or return my money.

And since gamers like acronyms, you should know that SoundSlayer WIGSS (wearable immersive gaming speaker system) will come with true MAGESS. Wigs and wizards? Absolutely not, because Panasonic got stuck in that extra “S”!

Panasonic has promised that its four full-range speakers will create “360-degree pockets of sound around the head” so players can “feel the sound wrapped around in every direction.” A mode has also been created for this. Final Fantasy XIV Online.Says Panasonic.

In all seriousness, this can be a great idea – many parties do not have a real rear speaker for standard surround sound, you can choose a virtual surround with headphones or sound bar. We have to try to make sure. But know that “W” in “WIGSS” does not stand for wireless: it is a neck band speaker that you will plug into your console and PC with a physical USB-A cable and / or audio cable.

If the design reminds you of the weird Sony, you’re half right: Sony introduced its (wireless) wearable speaker system in 2018 and brought it to the United States in 2019. , With seven hours of battery life. We also enjoyed the Bose neck band speaker, although it comes in at $ 300.

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