I was evicted for being “too charming” in my private beach hut

A British model claims she was kicked out of her seaside cottage because neighbors are “jealous” of how cute she is.

Michelle Spicer bought the private penthouse-like structure in the English seaside town of Goring-by-Sea for $20,000 last year as a “safe haven” after her divorce.

But a mother of two He told the Daily Star, On Wednesday, her life is now “destroyed” because she was evicted from the dorm.

Government officials say Spicer was fired because of “the number of complaints from local residents.” The former teacher has been accused of “unsocial behaviour” – including blocking adjacent roads with her expensive Mercedes.

But Spicer – who has not revealed her age – says it is simply a “plot” among “bullies” locals trying to destroy the “mermaid sanctuary”.

Spicer says her ejection from the beach hut caused undue stress.
Robin Lloyd Williams / Sons

“I think it’s because they’re jealous of me because I’m a model and I’m so charming with a sports car,” Spicer stated. “I’m just the owner of an ordinary beach hut… I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Spicer says she went to visit the beach shack on October 22 and discovered that the locks had been changed without her permission. The portable hut was later removed from the waterfront and its property is still inside.

“I had a complete meltdown on the beach when I didn’t find him. My pride and happiness were taken without my knowledge of it,” she provocatively claimed.

Spicer has been seen outside her beach hut on happier times.  She bought the dwelling as a "safe haven" after her divorce.
Spicer has been seen outside her beach hut on happier times. She bought the condo as a “safe haven” after her divorce.
Robin Lloyd Williams / Sons

Spicer is now taking legal action against government officials. The model claims that the cottage is worth more than $47,000 due to the extensive renovations it undertook before it was vacated.

“I wanted the hut to improve my mental health, but it’s only been 18 months of utter misery. The hut is my life and my little sanctuary—and I just want it back where it belongs,”

Spicer was seen nailing outside the hut last summer.
Spicer was seen nailing outside the hut last summer.
Robin Lloyd Williams / Sons

But the local government is standing firm, saying in a statement: “We regret that we have come this far, but for the first time in nearly 25 years we have had to take evacuation measures at one of our beach huts.”

“The number of complaints from local residents left us with no choice but to conclude that Ms. Spicer had violated the terms of her lease.”


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