I taught myself to dream bright. You can too

“You could argue that REM sleep is a neglected resource,” says Benjamin Baird, a University of Wisconsin-Madison researcher who studies human perception. “What if we could use this state when people can control their thoughts and actions and decide what they want to do? The state could potentially be used for entertainment and creativity.” Is. [neuroscience]. ”

Baird believes that a particularly interesting application for bright dreams could be in art. “One of the techniques I’ve come up with for visual artists is to find an ‘art gallery’ in their bright dreams and look at the paintings hanging in the gallery.” “Then they get up and paint what they see. The same thing can be done to listen to a musical score. It’s like someone else is making it, but it’s your own brain.

A small but growing number of scientists led by Baird and other sleep labs around the world hope to learn more about how dreaming works, how it works, and whether the average person It can be taught how to do it regularly. By studying people who can recall what happened to them in their dreams, these researchers can reconcile what cognitive processes are taking place in the brain while measuring and observing brain and physical activity. is going. For example, how does the brain perceive specific objects or bodily functions that are only happening in the brain? How does it respond to visuals that don’t really exist? How does it mimic parts of consciousness without being fully conscious?

Some researchers, such as Martin Dresler, a neuroscientist at the University of the Red Bowd in the Netherlands, suggest that clear vision can even be used to treat recurrent nightmares or medical conditions such as PTSD. ۔ “I think it’s quite intuitive and understandable that if you realize during a nightmare that it’s not real, then obviously such stings go out of the dream.” Maybe you can train yourself to wake up and end the dream, or you can overcome the very obvious feelings of fear and dread by telling yourself that it is a dream.

In a memorable dream, I played cards with my grandmother, who had died years earlier. This experience helped me to understand my feelings about him in a way that I could never handle as a 13-year-old.

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