I like Microsoft Edge. But if it’s not less annoying, I’ll switch again.

If Microsoft really wants.
Enlarge / If Microsoft really wants to “put you first”, it needs to adapt its strategy to Edge.


I’ve been a user of Microsoft Edge for over two years now, since the first preview version of Mac OS was released. As with so many decisions, I came to this using a combination of evidence-based reasoning (it works on all the platforms I use, it maintains the speed and compatibility of the Chromium engine, Its memory and battery usage and privacy controls seemed minimal (better than Chrome) and the gut feeling that felt right. to me Regardless of whether they were actually correct (that giving Microsoft more personal data bothers me less than giving it to Google and that a larger company’s browser is braver than Brave or smaller, less used browsers like Opera). I will get better help in the long run).

I’ve been happy to stay on the edge most of the time since I switched, and I definitely don’t miss Chrome. But over the last few months, I’ve become increasingly annoyed with some of the “value-added” features that Microsoft has added to the browser, and in this way, Microsoft Edge puts pressure on those who use Windows (and Bing on those who Use. Edge). The annoyance is compounded by Microsoft’s latest version of the Edge with the addition of a buy-now-pay-after service called Zip. This increase, at best, seems overwhelming and, at worst, predatory, and has provoked a backlash from consumers, Microsoft-affiliated tech media, and IT professionals.

One of the many screens you will see in Edge that will prompt you to set your default search engine back to Bing.
Enlarge / One of the many screens you will see in Edge that will prompt you to set your default search engine back to Bing.

I don’t like zipper integration and I don’t intend to use it, but I wouldn’t be so annoyed if it weren’t part of a pattern that emerged (or at least, became clearer) last year. Or more. The price comparison and coupon features that Microsoft added a year or so ago generate a large number of automatic on-by-default popups, and when you disable these popups or feature completely Shut down, then they are not compatible with them. Your other PCs with your bookmarks and other settings.

Windows also has. Continued use of annoying full screen messages If you use another browser after some operating system and browser updates and are asked to use Bing, you will be asked to switch to Edge. Within Edge If you changed your default search engine (and many, over the years, Bing is the worst search engine in both worlds with less accuracy and usefulness than Google but none of the privacy benefits of DuckDuckGo ). Microsoft has made switching browsers a bit more annoying in Windows 11, and the company is disabling tasks that have been used to block deeper integration of Edges and Bing into Windows.

These automatic coupon popups are everywhere in Edge if you don't manually disable them.
Enlarge / These automatic coupon popups are everywhere in Edge if you don’t manually disable them.

Andrew Cunningham

I understand the need to add new features to Edge over time. This is the plight of all Chromium-based browsers – you need to distinguish yourself from Chrome without affecting basic Chromium engine compatibility or support for Chrome extensions, and stacking new features and services on top of the browser. The easiest way. Do that I’m not against reminding people at Microsoft that Edge exists and telling people to set up a new Windows PC for the first time. All browsers include some sort of popup about changing your default browser settings, and Edge is much more usable and competitive than in the early days of Windows 10 when Microsoft was still using its rendering engine. Was trying

But the increase in purchases and payments feels like a distant moment. It’s one thing to offer these features as optional add-ons, or off-by-default features that you can opt-in when installing a browser for the first time or installing a major update. It’s one thing to present them automatically, everywhere, to everyone, regardless of whether they’ve turned off these features on another computer.

And constant reminders to switch to Edge and use Bing, even when You are already choosing to use Edge in the first place.Indicates a fundamental lack of respect for the user’s preferences and their ability to make their own decisions. When you switch from Safari to Mac OS or iOS, Apple does not throw pop-ups at you and asks you not to switch or show you a full screen message that will take you to Google. Try to get back to the search engine when you install routine operating. System update. Financial concerns are different – Apple does not have its own search engine that it is trying to monetize, so the company cannot care less about what software you are running unless you give it to Apple. Running on hardware. It’s not okay to worry about people’s preferences after they’re browsing.

I still think Edge is a good browser. I’m not ready to pack all my bookmarks and change my browser again. But what kind of heavy tactics is Microsoft using to promote the Edge and what kind of features is the company adding? What Make it more difficult to suggest. Microsoft should review the features it adds to Edge and how it chooses to promote and enable them, and the company should rely on Edge because of the browser features. Market share will increase over time, not because Windows pushed consumers into it.

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