“I just wanted us to make a Top 8, then we could go into WWII” – CBS Philly

(CBS) – Liana Wallace was the latest 41- Nora A player who will put out her torch as she was voted on in Episode 11 and will be the twelfth member of this season’s judging panel.

CBSMatt Weiss talked to Liana about it survivor Strengths, the collapse of the alliance and the twist that sent her home.

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MW- Hello Lina! Congratulations on a great game, unfortunately it ended sooner than I would have liked it to, but take me back to the beginning when I first got to the island. What is your first impression?

LW- As you know, I’m a lifelong fan. I can’t believe I’m playing survivor. Then you can finally meet the people in your tribe and it was great to meet everyone. I reached out to Evvie right off the bat. Tiff was cracking jokes, she was hilarious. Sarah and I were two students.

I’ve seen many seasons before but now I’m going to play and build my relationships and that was the coolest part that was really happening.

MW- I imagine as a lifelong fan that you’ve always dreamed of things like what your tribe would be called, what color it would be, and even little things like that.

LW- So cool and seeing the paths you walk on. Finding this is where you get in the water and it’s pretty cool. It’s just like, I’m literally here!

MW- Now in last week’s episode Chan was voted on. This was a decision that you weren’t a part of that clearly rubbed you the wrong way and I think a lot of people can understand why. What was going through your head when you realized Shan was outside?

LW- I was shocked to learn that there was an intense dynamic between Shan and Deshawn and at some point it was going to explode. But I was thinking even if we have this tension and stuff, at 8 we’re a majority and it doesn’t make sense to vote for someone in your primary alliance.

I just wanted us to hit a top eight and then we could feel WWII like, whatever you know at that point? It makes no sense to me. I didn’t really understand and so I was like please explain this to me, like this doesn’t make sense. I was shocked.

It was anger at first also because I just stuck in my head and had this conversation with Shannon and I’m such a person that I want to go with him to the end. I wanted to work with her and even throwing her was a threat and I wanted to be with her eventually.

MW- This season has seen many twists and turns. Obviously after this decision you and Deshawn weren’t necessarily on the same page. So when you see him enter the Do or Die challenge and win.

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So now not only is it protected but your odds of going home are higher. What’s going on in your head then?

LW- Yes, I think that was the hardest part about my not dying night. I guess if it wasn’t for that, I probably would have been able to move my way out of it. Danny had immunity, Deshaun was safe now. I knew I was on the hot seat.

I think this is just an implied effect on the good choice they both made. The fact that I got the short end of the wand is exactly why I wanted to stay together until the final eight.

So at that point I was having a hard time pointing out that Rijkaard was a challenging threat and I was going to take that corner and run with it. It was really confusing because I went to the tribal thinking I was going to throw Rijkaard under the bus, but there was a lot going on that I didn’t have a chance to do.

MW- Everything broke the wrong way for you in the end but you made it to the first turn. As far as talking about things that went wrong, you played a great game, I was there for I think 21 days. What do you feel was the strongest part of your game?

LW- Yes, I definitely think it was a socialite. I was able to build relationships with a group of people in my tribe and have the information I needed. I got the advantage of knowing is strength and I was strategic enough not to let my clan find out. This obviously changed when I went into the merger.

What makes me most happy is that I was able to be authentic and build these real connections that helped me advance in the game. Part of my strategy was that I didn’t want to get off the show and feel like I didn’t swing. You played hard and I’m really proud of that. I didn’t want to get dragged to the end, I wanted to play.

MW- And you should be proud that you played a very strong match. Final question before I let you go, are you coming back for another round?

LW- Yes! I know it sounds crazy. We are literally starving, had no rice, this new version of the game is insane. I’m addicted to survivor Though, I love the game and I feel like I’ve already won.

MW- Well Liana, it was great talking to you today. Congratulations once again on a good match and wish you all the best. We hope to see there again!

LW- Thank you very much, nice to meet you!

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