I expect you to die 2 Reviews: The most fun I’ve had in solving puzzles this year.

you are not Really A secret agent unless you wear a funny hat and fake mustache while trying to stop an evil party from filling the theater with poison gas. At least, that’s it. I expect you to die2 Positive, and I think that’s fine.

I expect you to die 2: Spy and liar The first hit is a sequel to one of the virtual reality titles released by Shell Games in 2016 for First Gen VR headsets. The series is against James Bond and other classic super spy franchises. Using motion controls and headsets, you play the role of a field agent whose missions turn into permanently complex death traps, and you have to escape using whatever is nearby. Is. Behind the cheek accents in its language and the colorful retro styling, this is a master class in translating the often frustrating genre for the most frustrating piece of hardware اور and it’s the most fun puzzles I’ve ever done this year. Are solved.

I expect you to die2 Comes from a classic adventure game that punishes the little slip with a horrible death sentence. Like the original, it pitted you against the evil organization Zoraxis, which (obviously) has a mysterious plan for world domination. Where the original game had almost complete standstill scenes, the six new missions are an extended cat and mouse game featuring an actor named John Juniper. Juniper, voiced by Will Whitton, gets the idea of ​​a truly Bond-worthy character: he wears a wide-brimmed mask of the person he is portraying, then makes it to his premiere. Wears constantly.

Putting the big story aside, each mission is a puzzle box full of hidden parts and you have to throw it with your virtual hands. You do all this without leaving your chair. When something is too far away, you can hold it telecommunically with the button of your motion controller. If you know how to solve every puzzle, I expect you to die Levels may take a few minutes to complete. But as the name suggests, half the experience is seeing things go wrong.

Poison gas was my worst enemy. I expect you to die2, Although I have also been bitten by a sharp pendulum, struck by a mute bomb, and by an exploding cigar. Every failure stares you into a briefcase in which a small slip of virtual paper explains the cause of your death, as well as an immediate restart button – so it’s not really a big deal. (When you win a scenario, you basically see the same thing, except you get a cake instead of death.)

I tend to look for adventure games, especially VR games. It’s worse than staring at the screen when you’re already trying to figure out how the developers want you to solve a puzzle, stuck in the headset when you’re thinking about it, and This prevents me from enjoying other titles. Room VR. Furthermore, I I expect you to die Series, physics and motion control add a layer of uncertainty to solve all your problems. I hung on to the sequel a couple of times when I was convinced I would find the right solution but couldn’t figure it out right before I realized I was missing a step or two.

But these hang-ups highlight how well Shell’s overall trial and error setup works. I expect you to die2 The gameplay is built around instant little loops that meet a bunch of random stupid fun, and the resume is an opportunity to find more pieces of a level. Your long-term mission control (voiced by Jared Mason) may offer some gentle gestures on the radio, but when you repeat a surface, instead of explaining the solution, it cuts its lines so you can focus. ۔ On the contrary, because you spend each level in one place, each support offers Chekhov’s gun-like gesture in the subsequent challenge that you can avoid and feel extra smart.

I expect you to die2The puzzles usually have the same solution, and some sections focus a little too much on pressing the control panel buttons in the given order. But the developers give the impression that they expect all sorts of little layout-breaking tricks and virtual dialogue, rewarding you with visual development or some dialogue. (The costume mentioned above, for example, will get you an offensive comment from a character.) One of the rare new features of the sequel is the simple success system, which offers secret clues about its Easter eggs.

Even if you’re stuck, you always have to do something on one level. And some actions overlap with anti-depressant features. One of my favorite moments, without making the competition worse. I expect you to die2 Understanding that I don’t really need to equate villains.

I expect you to die2 It’s only a few hours long, though if it follows the pattern of the first game, the shell will add a few bonus missions after the release. But even at this length, it shows how solid the series formula is. I expect you to die You want to fail, but it makes failure fun – and lets players feel like they’re in for fun.

I expect you to die2 Released August 24 for Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR, Oculus Store, and Steam VR on PC.

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