I don’t know how to pay for my son’s college

Dear Harriet: My son is thinking about colleges right now, and we’re all in anticipation.

Harriet Cole

He is a strong student, so I feel confident that he will be accepted into good schools. But I’m afraid we won’t be able to afford it. We are not rich in the long run, but we are also not in the most needy category.

When I look at the cost of schools, I almost fainted. I don’t know how we will be able to bear it.

What are people doing these days to pay for college?

very expensive

Dear very dear: You are part of a large group of families who are struggling to figure out how to pay their tuition fees. The good news is that there are thousands of colleges that charge different prices. In-country public universities are often in an affordable world. Community college is often a good and affordable start to the first two years.

You must fill out a FAFSA form stating your financial situation so that schools can decide what to give your family in financial aid. This is a stressful process, but many families end up getting some financial aid.


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