Hygiene rules: Rudy Giuliani shaves in a restaurant. Should you? | Rudy Giuliani

Noun: General grooming.

age: before human.

appearance: Rudy Giuliani He flies himself at the airport restaurant.

Why on earth would you put an image like that in my mind? I did not. Rudy Giuliani did shaved his hair in an airport restaurant.

wait for this Event? Unfortunately yes. A guy named Nick Weiss His picture is happening on Sunday In the Delta One lounge at JFK Airport.

He was the former mayor of New York City shave himself on the table? Yes, shortly after eating lobster soup, it is followed by a plate of brownies.

Is this kind of thing allowed now? This depends on. Do you really want Rudy Giuliani to be your personal shaving icon?

He is a very successful man. Yes, once successful man He gave a speech with hair dye flowing down his headIt is said to be fairly prolific public farm.

Maybe he had a good excuse. Perhaps there weren’t any suitable facilities nearby? According to Weiss, shaving was a few steps away from a “really nice” bath.

Yes, Fine. But can we really say that an airport restaurant is an ordinary restaurant? To eat leisurely? No, but for the sake of spraying thousands of parts of your hair on the table and the floor? Yes, yes it certainly is.

This feels sexist. Why are women allowed to do their makeup on a table when men can’t shave? Well, strictly speaking, they are not. As the etiquette of the Bible Emily Post Institute says: “It’s OK to quickly put lipstick on the table if you’re with close friends or relatives in a non-working situation,” but it’s definitely not recommended outside of this context.

Why can’t men shave then? oh, I don’t know, maybe it’s because applying lipstick doesn’t pick up microscopic clippings of hair all over the area where people have to eat?

So this is General grooming rule: Don’t leave a mess? You now get it. Apply a good moisturizer, trim your bad nails. Like this.

Smooth your eyebrows well, pluck your eyebrows badly. That’s it! Let’s try more. Apply lip balm?

Hassan. shout out. Brushing your teeth with floss?

Bad. Really bad! Unacceptably bad. Never floss your teeth in public.

This is actually really useful. Can we do locker room etiquette at the gym then? No, I’m sorry, we can’t.

why? Is it too complicated? Listen, I just spent all this time teaching you not to fly into a restaurant. It can take years to educate you about the intricacies of drying pubic hair in public.

Say: “Can I have the bill, please?”

do not say: “And a big tub of hair removal cream while you’re at it?”

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