Hungarian Grand Prix result: Esteban Ocon takes his first F1 win after opening lap chaos knocked out five cars

Esteban Ocon He won for the first time ever Formula One The race is on Sunday after an accident on the first lap Valtteri BottasAnd Lando NorrisAnd Sergio PerezAnd Lance’s Outing And Charles Leclerc outside the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Although starting in the first position, Lewis Hamilton It takes a combat effort to finish third and take the initiative from it Max Verstappen, who eventually finished tenth in the Hungaroring.

On the opening lap, Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate Bottas made a slow start from second on the grid and was immediately overtaken by Verstappen and Norris. Finn Norris with the back end who shot Verstappen.

Red Bull’s Perez, Ferrari’s Leclerc and Aston Martin’s Stroller got into the accident at Turn 1 and their cars couldn’t continue, while Verstappen dropped in demand to 13th and waved the red flag.

Norris, who fell to 15th but was able to continue driving, made it to the pit. After that, McLaren retired from his car, the first time this season that the 21-year-old has not scored any points.

Once the race resumed, he pitted all the remaining drivers except for Hamilton, who was alone on a steady start.

The Briton, who won the Hungarian Grand Prix eight times and won last year, slipped to last place as Alpine Ocon took the lead, and four-times champion Sebastian Vettel finished second.

Meanwhile, Nikita Mazepin was cut into the pit lane by Kimi Raikkonen and became the sixth driver to exit the race.

The accident resulted in five cars

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Bottas (front center) collides with Perez (front right)

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Hamilton quickly overtook Antonio Giovinazzi, who moments later got a 10-second pit stop for speed in the pits amid the restart, with the defending champion even overtaking Vestappen’s damaged car as he climbed to fifth.

All the while, former champion Fernando Alonso outpaced fellow Alpine teammate Ocon in an unexpected but short-lived lead.

The 40-year-old quickly withdrew while Ocon remained ahead, and a long battle between Alonso and Hamilton ensued.

Hamilton climbed to the top and then faced Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz in a thrilling sequence, finishing third in the process to secure a podium place.

Ahead of him, Vettel finished second to Aston Martin, while 24-year-old Ocon remained determined to secure his first-ever win. F1 Race win.

The Frenchman celebrated by running down the pit lane to embrace his team.

Meanwhile, Vettel told his team radio after the last lap: “Oh man, I tried, I tried, I tried the whole race. It’s so hard to continue. Sorry guys.”

The first lap incident was the second in a row on the opening lap, after Verstappen crashed during the British Grand Prix.

The Dutch-Belgian and title challenger Hamilton participated in a meeting at Silverstone earlier this month, which led to Red Bull’s victory. Verstappen exited the race won by Hamilton.

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