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Hulu is raising the price of its on-demand plans by 8 1 starting October 8 – Tech Crunch.

After last year’s price hike on its live TV service, Hulu is now preparing to raise prices again. Beginning October 8, 2021, Hulu will increase the price of both its on-demand plans, Hulu and Hulu, without advertising. However, unlike the previous price increase, which was ڈالر 10 more per month for each of its two live TV plans, the new price increase will be only 00 1.00.

This means that the ad-supported version of Hulu will increase from $ 5.99 to 99 6.99 per month, while without the ad, Hulu will increase from $ 11.99 to $ 12.99 per month. This applies to both existing and new subscribers. Hulu says none of the increases in October will affect its live TV service or any project where Hulu has merged with Disney +. (Disney took full control of Hulu after buying a share of Comcast in 2019).

Today, Hulu is offered with Disney + and ESPN + for. 13.99 per month. This subtle change in the price of Hulu’s standstone service could make this bundle attractive to those who are not in the market for Hulu’s live TV.

Hulu’s on-demand service is the majority of its subscriber base today. In Disney’s third-quarter revenue last month, Hulu’s subscription video on-demand business grew 22 percent year-over-year to 39.1 million subscribers, including its live TV service (including on-demand offerings). Is) only 9% increase to 3.7 million users. Collectively, Hulu had a total subscriber base of 42.8 million, up 21% from the same period last year.

However, it’s slower than Disney + – the service has grown by more than 100 percent year-over-year, from 57.7 million in Disney’s Q3 2020 to 116 million in Disney’s Q3 2021.

The company said the company’s direct customer business, including Disney’s EPSN +, had nearly 174 million subscribers by the end of the quarter.

However, although Hulu outperforms Disney + in terms of number of users, it is ahead of the average monthly revenue per user (ARPU).

Disney said that in Q3, ARPU fell from 6 4.62 to 4. 4.16 due to a higher mix of Disney + Hotstar customers compared to the same quarter last year. Meanwhile, Hulu’s on-demand service saw the ARPU rise from 11 11.39 a year to 13 13.15 a year, and its live TV service (+ SVOD) rose from 68 68.11 to 84 84.09. Is.

Hulu’s on-demand business includes a combination of licensed content and original programming, such as “New Perfect Stranger”, “Building Only Murder,” and “Vacation Friend.” The company also added thousands of Hotstar specials and Bollywood hits by September 1.

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