Hulu is adding HDR to some of his original shows and movies.

Somehow, it’s 2021 and Hulu is just adding HDR support. Some Of his original shows and movies.

Hulu’s support page was quietly augmented this week, noting that users will now be able to “select dynamic range (HDR), HDR 10, HDR 10+, and selected devices in Dolby Vision.” Can stream on. ” A new HDR badge will appear on content that supports it.

HDR content with Hulu will be available for general streaming suspects: HDR-compatible Roku models, Fire TV hardware that supports HDR, Apple TV 4K, HDR-compatible Chromecasts, and Vision TV with HDR. وی۔ Especially missing are mobile devices or consoles, although it is likely that HDR support will continue to increase over time.

The actual list of shows and movies that have worked so far is quite limited: as compiled by the AVS Forum, the list is basically just Hulu’s high profile shows and movies. Admittedly, given that a large portion of Hulu’s content is network television, there was little incentive to add support for HDR and 4K (since broadcast TV is rarely available in the United States. Also supports specification).

Still, given that virtually every other streaming service (including Disney Plus, which shares a parent company with Hulu) has HDR support, this addition is a good plus here.

This is what HDR supports so far:

TV programs:

  • Nine perfect strangers
  • The story of the maid.
  • Small fires everywhere.
  • Dolphin
  • Hellstrom
  • Great
  • the first
  • High loyalty.
  • Castle Rock
  • Wu Tang
  • Man of the future
  • Wake up
  • Looming tower
  • Movement
  • Catch 22
  • Revenge.
  • Four weddings and one funeral.
  • Fugitives


  • Run
  • Pleasant weather
  • VWork: Or the $ 47 billion unicorn making and breaking.
  • Bad hair
  • USA vs. Cat Holiday.

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