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How travel and tourism brands can use social media to attract new customers

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Social media is one of the most effective ways to attract new customers for any brand, but the travel and tourism industry can take advantage of it a little differently. My agency works with many brands in tourism, hospitality and tourism and social media is a big driving force behind their campaigns.

It’s no secret that all travel and tourism companies must use social media marketing. When consumers search for information about travel, hotels, resorts, restaurants, local activities and more, they turn to the internet, especially social media.

Using social media to interact with travelers is a great way to attract new customers and excite them to what you have to offer. The best return is because social media marketing can drive the healthiest ROI out of all your online marketing campaigns when executed correctly.

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Here are some helpful tips to get your social media right.

Create an unforgettable social media personality

Social media provides an opportunity to show the personality of a brand, yet most hotels, restaurants and resorts stick to very ugly and dry content. While beautiful images are always important, texts and small accessories have the most impact.

Be creative with captions and while showing your personality, make sure you also end up with a call to action that interests you. Ask questions that trigger the influx of comments and mark and enhance your content.

Posts that show personality and humor draw comments and signs over boring posts that consist of image and transparent marketing text. Let your personality shine and look at your speed of participation.

Publish a blog to create social media content

While social platforms like TikTok and Instagram are strictly panels for photos and videos, others like Twitter and Facebook allow you to share other content formats. Blog content is a great, effective format that acts as a magnet and draws social media traffic to your website.

Starting a blog for your business will not only get you great social media content, but it can also improve your search engine optimization policies when you use keyword research on new blog content.

Write blog posts that highlight your key point of sale information that someone who might be interested in your offer would like to read and push them to commit in the form of a personal visit or booking.

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Download paid Facebook and Instagram ads

Organizing organically on social media can attract customers when you combine great content with landmarks and hashtag policies. Organic growth can be slow, especially in the beginning, but paid advertising can attract new customers almost immediately.

Facebook and Instagram ads use the same targeting options and share the same pixel data, and although ads on both systems do not work for all industries at the same time, this is a winning strategy for hotel and tourism brands.

Many social media users view Instagram and Facebook as fleeing and jumping into their streams to move away from reality and everyday life. Brands who understand this can take advantage of using ads that entice consumers by providing additional escape.

Dream vacation, an evening in a fine restaurant, your weekend-paid social media policy will deliver the best of remarketing campaigns. When your ads are only shown to Instagram and Facebook users who have previously visited your website, it improves their performance because viewers already know your brand. In addition, you can target users with very special offers that are consistent with the pages on your website that they last interacted with.

Prioritize SMS and data collection data

With your social media marketing efforts, you can gather data that gives you even better marketing efforts: mobile phone numbers and email addresses. Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to create bookings and new customers and SMS marketing is very effective because it is almost 100% open.

Compete contests to get subscribers to your SMS and email list. Whether it’s a gift card, a free stay or dinner and drinks, there are many creative ways to do this that will not break your budget. Every mobile phone number and email address collected is a potential customer that you can market to indefinitely.

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