How to with John Wilson’s Second Season Hits HBO Max Coming Soon

I don’t remember being as excited for the second season of a TV show as I am for a comeback How to with John Wilson, HBO Max’s Documentary series about everything and nothing.

This mix—mundane and deep, squeezed into 25-minute snackable rings—was made How do you do with John Wilson best offer watched during the pandemic. No contest. Having said that, I don’t think John Wilson himself would care much about that kind of preference. His show, which was largely created from years of serendipitous footage shot across New York City, is unpretentious and outdated. Wilson is the anti-influencer, often hiding behind the camera, giving enough time to people who would probably never have appeared on our TV otherwise.

Each episode hinges superficially on a simple concept like “how to improve your memory” or “how to split a check”. But saying the show is about something like “how to have a short conversation” is like saying a physics book is about “how things move.” This is certainly true, but the magic is in explaining how it works and why it’s so important.

HBO Max launched season one in the heart of the pandemic, when millions of us were gathering indoors, far from not just friends and family, but… everyone human communication. every week, How do you do with John Wilson Reminds me of the flesh of life. I felt like a stroll through a busy mall, her camera zooming in on all the easily overlooked details, reminding me that life in the world is so weird, vibrant, and unpredictable. The first season, aptly, concluded with an episode that marked the arrival of the pandemic and lockdown in New York City.

Now he’s back, this time with Wilson’s camera lingering in New York City somehow weirder and out of the ordinary than usual. A city in a state of closure and then recovery. As we begin the process of unpacking the shock of the past couple of years, I can’t think of a better show than this.

How do you do with John Wilson Season two will air on HBO Max on November 26.

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