How to view your Google Maps timeline

  • Your Google Maps timeline shows all the countries, cities, and attractions you’ve visited.
  • You can view your timeline on the Google Maps mobile app and website.
  • In order for the timeline to work, you need to make sure you have Location History enabled on your Google Account.
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Almost every major app tracks your location in one way or another. And while most try to keep it secret (and don’t even explain why they need it), Google Maps is quite public when it comes to using your location.

But Google Maps doesn’t just use it to give you directions and show you your current location. You can also create Google Maps if you have it enabled. timeline, Which lets you see where you traveled on a particular day, any of the attractions or restaurants you’ve visited, the cities you’ve visited, and the countries you’ve traveled to.

Here’s how to check your Google Maps timeline – and how to enable location history so you can create a timeline in the first place.

How to view your Google Maps timeline in the mobile app

1. Open and tap Google Maps on your iPhone or Android. Your profile picture In the upper right corner.

2. Faucet Your timeline.

Quick settings menu in the Google Maps app.  Of "Your timeline" Option highlighted.

You can find your timeline in this menu.

Google William Antonelli / Insider

The screen will change, and a large menu with various options will appear at the top. They will depend on whether you are using iPhone or Android.

On both devices, you’ll see:

  • Day: Here, you can see all the places you have visited in one day. It will also show you how you got there (by subway, car, etc.) and how much time you spent at each location.

The Google Maps timeline shows where the user traveled on a particular day.

You will see a complete map of where you went on that particular day.


  • Locations: It shows the various restaurants, attractions, shops, hotels and much more that you have seen. They will be sorted into different categories, which you can tap to see the full list.
  • City: You will find a list of all the towns and cities you have visited, and when you visited them. Tap on the name of the city to see where you went and how many times.

List of cities visited by Google Maps users.

You will also see how many places you have visited in this town or city.


  • World: List of all countries you have traveled to. Tap a country in the list to see which cities you’ve visited.

You will see if you are using Android. Tours And Insight. Shows trips (as the name implies) the vacations and destinations you have taken. Insights determine how much time you’ve spent each month walking, driving, and taking public transit, as well as how much you’ve traveled and how much time you’ve spent.

Of "Insight" The menu in the Google Maps app, which shows a record of how often and how often you travel.

You can view your statistics for any month.


How to view your Google Maps timeline on the website

You can also find the timeline on the Google Maps website, but it looks a bit different.

1. Open Google Maps on your computer and click. Three stack lines In the upper left corner.

2. Select. Your timeline.

A menu on the Google Maps website that lets you search your timeline.

A menu on the Google Maps website that lets you search your timeline.

Google William Antonelli / Insider

You will be taken to the timeline page. Here, you can:

  • Click. One of the blue bars Or at the top left of the screen Enter a specific day. To see all the places you traveled that day.
  • Click. Red spots option Bottom left to see every business, attraction and place of interest you have visited.
  • Click. More trips box To check out the holidays and where you’ve been

You can also double click. A red dot Check the day you visited the place on the map.

The Google Maps timeline appears on the computer.

Your timeline will look different on the computer than your phone.


If you have clicked on something and want to rearrange the map, click. timeline Top left to go back to your main timeline page.

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