How to use SEO to promote content marketing efforts

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How to use SEO to promote content marketing efforts

“Content is the soul, and SEO is the body. The two cannot work separately.

SEO expert and senior marketing research manager, Seymour, Fernando Angolo, reshapes content marketing in a relevant and relevant way.

According to Fernando, SEO is the foundation of what to do next. Whether you want more visitors or promote your conversions, SEO is a game changer. For example, if your article appears closely on Google’s Page 1 in the Fragments area, then you’re more likely to request more visitors. And, why is that? This is because of trust in Google, other readers and ultimately your brand.

“95% of Google’s algorithm changes are related to content marketing, not SEO,” he says.

So, when Google introduces something new related to its search mechanism, it gets angry mainly because of three things: How good is the published content? How relevant is this? And to what extent is it being pushed for consumption?

Your Profitable SEO Checklist by an SEO Expert:

In his quest to help marketers improve their content marketing efforts, Fernando offers a 5-pointer checklist for SEO in 2021 and beyond. List –

تلاش Keyword Search

● Topic research

Technical SEO

مواد Content on the page

* Off page SEO

Angulo believes that if these pillars are well cemented, brands can have a disruptive effect on the minds of consumers.

Steps to Creating Strong Content Marketing Strategies:

Seymour follows the principle of 80-20 rules: 80% of the effort is to market valuable content, while 20% is dedicated to creating new content. Here’s a step-by-step approach to content marketing:

ly ol, you plan your content with your audience and their journey in mind. You may want to state the purpose of the nail material on his head.

بعد Next, get a position on the service you are promoting. If the product is powerful enough, you will have no problem promoting it.

ly Third, highlight the special features that will solve your customers’ problems. By highlighting key features, you are highlighting the value of the content that explains why it is important to read it.

● Finally, it all boils down to business – explains how a particular piece of content will make your business proposal relevant.

The future of content marketing

Whether it’s financial transactions, education, news or grocery, everything is digitized. Socialization takes place on apps, and such digital implementation costs nothing more than data!

Fernando says AI can be used to track content creation and progress. He says the amount of accessible data is generous, and with AI, one can do amazing things!

With AI, user actions and behaviors can be tracked so clearly that sending personalized content can now be a cake walk.

He also mentioned that voice search is more advanced, important conversation like a friend at the next door. He advises not to take AI developments as an alternative, but to use them in the long run for the benefit of the creators, and to open new doors for content marketing.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of your sister.)


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