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How to use keyboard and mouse with PS5

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Using the PS5’s dual sense controller to type passwords and search for content in apps is cumbersome. However, you can combine keyboard and mouse to make things easier and play a few games. Here you can do it.

Note that unless a game specifically includes a keyboard and mouse as input devices, you will not be able to use them. Also, at the time of writing in September 2021, there was no PS5 game supporting keyboard and mouse. So you are limited to selecting PS4 games that are backwards compatible on PS5 and use apps like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, etc. , On your PS5.

Here’s how you can combine keyboard and mouse with the PS4, as you can with the PS4.

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Connect keyboard and mouse to PS5.

The PS5 supports a wide range of wired, wireless, or Bluetooth keyboards and mice. The easiest way to get started is to connect the keyboard and mouse to your PS5 via USB. You can insert a wired keyboard and mouse into the USB ports on the back of the console. Also, if you have fewer ports, you can use a USB hub instead and connect your keyboard and mouse to it.

Notice when the keyboard and mouse are connected to the PS5.

For a cleaner desk look, you can pair a wireless Bluetooth keyboard or mouse with the PS5. Here’s how to connect your Bluetooth keyboard or mouse to the PS5.

On your PS5, select “Settings” from the top left corner to open the gear-shaped icon.

Scroll down and select “Accessories” to open it.

Select. "Accessories." From "Setting" On PS5

In the “General” section, select “Bluetooth Accessories”.

Select. "General" And select "Bluetooth accessories."

Now, put your Bluetooth keyboard or mouse in connect mode to connect it to the console.

Once one of these is connected, you can go to “Accessories” in the “Keyboard” or “Mouse” sections to make them even better. The keyboard option lets you choose key repetition and delay rates. For the mouse, you can set it on the left hand or right hand, in addition to choosing the pointer speed.

Contact with a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse can sometimes not be marked. Therefore, you can use a wireless keyboard or mouse that comes with a 2.4GHz wireless USB dongle. For example, Logitech’s USB Unifying Receiver can be used to easily connect a compatible unifying mouse or keyboard. Also, check out the Reddit list of wireless keyboards and mice that work with the PS5 to save some effort.

Use keyboard and mouse with PS5.

You can only use the arrow keys to quickly navigate between menus and settings in the PS5 interface. The rest of the keys help you enter passwords, chat with friends, or search for content on Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and other apps. Unfortunately, the PS5 does not have a dedicated browser, so you cannot enter website addresses to browse the web.

When it comes to gaming, keyboard and mouse support works for just a few games like Call of Duty: Cold War, Call of Duty: War Zone, Final Fantasy XIV, Overwatch, The Elder Scrolls Online, and more. does. So in these games, at least, you can enjoy the exact purpose and movement with your keyboard and mouse.

It’s entirely up to game developers to add keyboard and mouse support to future PS5 games. Until that happens or not, enjoy using some games with the keyboard and mouse and moving around the console.

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