How to use end-to-end encryption on color doorbells and cameras

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How to use end-to-end encryption on color doorbells and cameras

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When you have 24/7 video recording on your home device, security is essential. End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is a tool that can keep your data private. We’ll show you how to activate it on your color door.

What is encryption in the end? We have a complete guide that goes into the depths of E2EE, but the basic idea is that your data wanders from that point of view until you can access it. That way, no one can decrypt it during transit. Without it, you rely on the security of any device that passes through your data before it comes to you.

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Color video doorbells and cameras support end-to-end encryption, but this is an opt-in feature. If you have a color-coded instrument, you should seriously consider it. In addition, even if color servers were compromised, your data would be safe. let’s do it.

Note: Unfortunately, you lose a lot of features if you enable E2EE. The list includes event timelines, rich notifications, quick responses, the ability to view from echo devices and more.

How to enable E2EE

First, open the Color app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Tap the hamburger menu icon (three vertical lines) and select “Control Center”.

Next, go to “Video Encryption”.

Next, go to "Video encryption."

Then, select “Advanced Settings”.

Then select "Advanced settings."

Now, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground.

Now we can go "Keep it secret from end to end."

On this screen, you will see some information about how E2EE works and which features will be disabled after your selection. Select “Enable end-to-end encryption” to proceed.

Select "Enable end-to-end encryption" To move forward.

This eventually begins the process of setting up the encryption. Tap “Start”.

Faucet "To start."

You’ll see more information about which features will be deleted. Tap “Agree and Continue” if you want to proceed.

Faucet "Agree and keep going" If you want to move on.

The color will alert you again what will be turned off. Tap “Agree and Continue” one last time.

Faucet "Agree and keep going" One last time

The next task is to assign a passphrase. This will ensure that you are the only person who can change the encryption settings. Tap “Create Passphrase”.

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Faucet "Create passphrase."

You can tap on “Create new passphrase” or sign in. When you’re done, tap “Confirm and continue.”

Faucet "Confirm and continue" When you're done

Lastly, you need to access the encrypted content on your mobile devices and access the color devices you want to enable E2EE. Tap “Continue” and follow the steps to select the devices you want to use.

Faucet "Keep going" And follow the steps to select the devices you want to use.

You are now fully ready with end-to-end encryption on your color video doorbells and cameras. It is unfortunate that you lose a lot of features when you activate E2EE, but this is an important security feature for those who want it.

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