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How to use Board View in Microsoft Outlook Calendar

If you’re a fan of an organization like Trelo or Mister Task, try out Board View in Outlook Calendar. With one click, you can view your schedule, sticky notes, unfinished work, necessary files and much more.

As of this writing in September 2021, Board View is only available in the calendar on Outlook for the Web. With it, you can create different boards, add items of your choice to each one, resize or move items, and view your most important items in one convenient place.

Open the board view in Outlook.

Visit Outlook.com, sign in, and click the calendar icon on the left as you normally want to see your schedule and events.

Select “Board” using the drop-down button at the top right that displays your current calendar view.

Select the board in the drop-down list.

You’ll then see your default keyboard view, which includes some of Microsoft’s pre-set items to get you started. These may include your calendar, tasks, notes, and suggestions. Items are interactive, so you can do things like create a calendar event, complete a task, or take notes.

Default board

Add or remove items to your board.

You can add and remove items to your board so that it works best for you.

To add an item, click “Add to Board” at the top left. Click “Show All” below to see all available items. You can add things like link, file, location, clock and weather.

Select an item to add.

When you choose to add an item, it will appear in a blank space on your board. Just drag it to where you want it to be.

Place the item on the board.

To remove an item, click on the three dots at the top right to open more options. Then, select “Remove from board.” Alternatively, select the item and select “Remove from the board” in the toolbar.

Select Remove from the board.

Rearrange your board.

You can customize your board. Just click on the item you want to move, drag and drop it to its new location on the board. As you move an object, you will see a blurred background. This can help you organize your items neatly.

Arranged background.

You can also move a bunch of items. Ctrl on Windows or hold the command on Mac when you click on each item. You will notice that the border of each item has turned blue. With all of them selected, just drag the group to move.

Group items to move.

Furthermore, you are not limited to using only the space you visit. You can move objects from bottom to right or down. Slowly drag something to move it off screen and the screen will move.

Then, to view these items, click and hold the empty space on the board. You will see that the outline of your board appears at the bottom right. Drag the screen until the outline displays the items you want to view.

View full board

If you want to save your items in their places on your board, you can lock them. This prevents you from moving anything by accident. Turn on the Lock Items toggle on the top right of your board.

Turn on lock items.

Resize or customize items.

Many of the items you put on your board can be resized. So you can make your notes smaller and your calendar bigger. Click on the three dots at the top right of the item and select “Resize” or select the item and click “Resize” in the toolbar.

Select Resize.

Then drag a corner or edge inwards or outwards to the size you want.

Resize an item.

Some of the items you add to your board offer additional options. For example, if you display your calendar, you can select a view, such as agenda, week, or month. For the watch, you can change the color and you can set the date for the notes.

Click on the three dots at the top right of the board item to see all the available options. Or select an item and view options in the toolbar.

Item color options.

Create, edit, or delete boards.

As mentioned, you can create additional boards instead of just using the default. This is where the feature really comes in handy. You can make boards for home, work and school, each with its own accessories.

To create a board, click the board drop-down arrow at the top right. Move your cursor to the arrow in front of the board and select “New Board”.

Select a new board.

Give your new board a name and click “Create”.

Name your board and click Create.

Then you have to set up a new board and customize it. Use the dropdown box above to quickly switch between boards.


You can change the name of the board you created, edit it, or delete the ones you no longer need. Click the board drop-down arrow at the top right and then the arrow in front of the board. On the right side of the board, click the pencil icon to edit it or the Trash icon to delete it.

Edit or delete the board.

Note: You cannot edit or delete the default keyboard.

Boardview in Outlook Calendar offers a useful overview of all the things you want to see. Whether you want to check the weather or mark a task as complete, this is a great feature.

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